Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year, New Life, New Ways!

It's time for a change...

During the last 7 months since my last post I've pondered about many aspects of my life, and I've come to the conclussion that this blog must come to an end.

Since my first reason for creating Egg yol! was to satirize my own life and suddenly had a twist that didn't end like a fairy tale. How on earth can I erase everything and rewrite?

I'm too damn lazy for that, so...

I've closed a circle of my life and now entering a new era I can't use this web scrap book anymore, and probably I might, still don't know, but may be, in a short period of time, though I'm not yet sure, create a new blog with a different subject and an different name, unfortunately not available for english spoken people.

To those who read my blog since the beginning to the end I thank you for being a big part of my blog life and just a few became a part of my real life too.

I will be visiting my favorite blogs once in a while so I don't loose all of you.

With love

Egg Yol!