Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back Back Back!

Wow, new blogger?

I've been away for so long I even forgot what my password was, but that's so natural 'cause I'm gettin ooooold.

So where was I?....right, so very few to non know that I went through a delicate surgery to put my figure into shape, I'm usually round with a yellow middle and I need curves dammit, my pretty face just don't fit with my body; so I went through what it's called a Liposcupture, that's right, and I don't know what happened during the time I was sleeping in the hands of Morpheus that now I have this thing that I can see things before they happen, and see people that are really not there.


Anyway, I browsed around books and such and it turns out that I am a so called a psychic (whatda!) yeah, and it so means that it's some kind of a gift? I don't like to see dead people when I'm ready to go to bed you know. It's quite creepy.

Now I'm kind of angry, because I didn't get the results that I wanted from the liposcupture, I actually gained more weight but OOOH I have a new gift now. Crap! A gift I have to deal with every single day of my life, and it's not a pretty gift I tell you, mostly when you see weird shadows and hear strange noises in your house, nop, not pretty at all.

So now I understand why my sister and I never get along, she has these 4 big shadows behind her taking care of her and I have been threatned that I will get hurt if I don't mind my own business, fine with me, who cares if my sister is having her energy all sucked up by 4 leeches right?


I have a spiritual counselor and guides me through all this things I don't know of and she tells me I need to help my sister to get rid of those energy suckers. Hell NO! I need to mind my own business, that's what those 4 told me and I must obeyyyy. Besides I'm finally planning on going to see the man of my life who lives in Egypt in May and I must loose weight!

Can't psychics just get rid of the unwanted fat? This sucks.

Anyway, the last time I saw my sister it was really really creepy and I had the shakes like every time I see an ugly soul trying to be funny with me, believe me, it's NOT funny. I tell her, look, you have a furry ugly creature sitting right next to you and is telling you a bunch of senseless crap (she usually speaks crap because of drug overdose but this was different). She became really rude with me because I was calling her guardian a furry ugly creature. (What can I say? I'm an honest person)

Next thing I know is I'm shaking like a palm tree on huracane season and sweating like a pig, the skin surrounding my rings turned black and I start to feel my heart wants to jump out of my chest.

Damn furry thing! Looks like it wants to be much stronger than me and I need more help. Fortunately there are metaphysics classes going around my area, I'm taking those classes to understand what I can do about this thing my sister has and once I'm prepared I'll be ready to have a boxing round with the 4 ghosts and their furry ugly little pet.

So we'll see how that goes, in the mean time I will say that finally I had the courage to call the man of my life and tell him he is going to be mine wether he wants it or not, I think he's into the S&M because he liked it. bwahaha I told him I was going to cut his head if he didn't submit to me and he went craaaaaazyyyyyyy.

Damn I'm good at this.

So I paid the plane tickets already and he already made the reservations for me and it's just one month and a half away before I finally get to meet him in person and see if the future I see in my head for myself is really with him .

Happy thursday Everyone!