Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yoli is Back and full of Energy!

Hell and it is a good one by the way...

People I am back, yes I'm back but not to tell you about my horrorific life. Like I wrote on my previous post was under reconstruction. And well as you can see it wasn't the reconstruction of a blog, but a reconstruction about me; yes, as always this blog will be focused on me, that's never going to change, this is my blog and hence it will be about me, but with a little twist now.

While I was inside my egg waiting to burst out of it something hit me, I didn't bleed thank you for asking, but it did change my life, it was back in June when I was struck by something i can't really explain what it was, but it was so hard I still don't understand how it happened. Then the egg broke and I was out, to find that there are other people out there inside that shell and they can't break by themselves, and I have a thing that can help break that shell.

This blog will be now about how I learn how to develop my powers as a new psychic, I want to share that experience with you, because I believe everybody has a psychic within but don't know how to take it out of them.

I hope all of my previous readers will still like this corner, but if not well I wish you all good luck in your journey.


Is it possible really that there is something out there out of any means of explanation? I still don't know if what some people have as a gift has logical explanations of any kind. Maybe plain luck, too much logic going in our minds to understand and probably predict what will happen in the future; this is what I'm trying to find out.

Early June, I had a trip planned to go to another city, on to the northeast of my country to visit a friend of mine for her birthday. Something inside my head put an image of me being worried about something going wrong. I didn't pay attention, I had many of those before when I had a trip planned, it was plain nerves.

Right after I got off that plane something went wrong, the bus took 4 hours to drive me to the town I was heading because of a traffic coalision, besides that, the ranch where the birthday party took place was too far away from town for any public transportation to drive by; my friend who offered to drive me back to the bus station that night disapeared for the rest of the night and I had nobody to take me back. Right at that moment, the image in my head that I had a few days before appeared right where I was standing, it was dark, lonely, cold and I felt extremely worried that I could miss my trip back to TJ.

To end the story in a happy way, fortunately I have a guardian angel looking after me, and introduced me to my friend's cousin who offered to drive me back to town and head me to my trip on time.

I'm still thankful to him for helping me, otherwise I would have missed my plane.

This was the first time I had a vision of something happenning, it was surprising, I couldn't believe I had that same image in my head a few days back and didn't pay attention to it. Still I know if I knew it would happen I would still do it. It was something I couldn't prevent.

Since that moment I was more preocautios about everything that pops into my head, most probably if it does a few minutes before it will happen for sure.

More stories coming its way!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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