Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Your Near Future!

That's how I knew I had a "gift"...

I met a guy a few months ago through a love match website; he's one of the cutest guys I've ever met, also sweet and very polite, I felt a very strong bond with him and we chatted about everything but there was a mismatch, he wants to have kids and I don't; so as soon as he knew I didn't want kids he told me directly he wouldn't wan to have more than a friendship with me, which I thought it was still okay because we had a lot of things in common and our spark was more about being the best of friends than being something else.

Then something came up my mind, like a short film, I saw him holding 3 kids, two girls and one boy and right next to them a beautiful woman, then many dates came up my mind and these images were so fast coming into me I had to stop for a second and sort them out. They were all like playing cards being thrown at me at random order and really messy I coulnd't understand at first hand what they meant.

I then thought it could probably be something about him that he needed to know, he told me he felt sad because he's 35 and still with nobody to share his future plans with, he needs to have a family of his own and needs to give all the love he has to that special woman, to his "muse" that's how he calls her; he also told me about a business opening, very big for his life and told me he had plans to open it early september. A big no came to my head and said to me, early january, many troubles and nervous breakdown.

I didn't know how to react at what I was seeing inside my head, it was really the first time it had happened and couldn't explain why, still there was this urge to let him know what I saw that I just had to excuse myself and tell him I had information to pass over him; I said, "I have a thing that sometimes happens to me with people and it's about their future and I think you should know this and I hope you don't get scared or you will stop talking to me".

He acted surprised and a bit relaxed at the same time, after I finished saying what he needed to know he confessed he had the same gifts as I do; in fact he can see auras and his sister is a medium, I felt so happy I found someone that understood what I was feeling a few months ago after my first experience and until now he's one of two people I adore in this world, his name is Mario and he also introduced me to my soul mate and almost immediately became my very best friend, Gaby, she's a psyquic like me, but her powers are more advanced than mine, I'm a toddler compared to her and she teaches me alot of things about this gift that is totally new for me.

The thing about being a psychic and mostly when it happens to someone as scheptical as I was is that as many times I have done some visions for friends of mine I still get surprised at the results I get after my visions come true. It is something that inside me of is very hard to explain what the feeling and emotions I get.

One of the most surprising and it was the very first vision coming true was about a close workmate of mine, she got pregnant 8 months ago. When she told me she was pregnant I could see something dark and too much sadness and that sadness came out of me and it showed in my face, my work mate was a bit angry at me because I didn't congratulate her but it was something I couldn't help and I couldn't say what I felt. I saw a badly shaped male fetus who was strugling for life and it was an asfixiating feeling for me it made me want to cry.

5 months passed, she struggled with the baby with chances of abortion, then one night I remember it was a monday I dreamed about her and the baby; she was giving birth to it and the baby was dead, she was holding the dead fetus between her hands and she was sobbing so hard. The dream was so real I woke up with anguish, two days later, on a wednesday morning she gave birth to a dead male baby, she was 5 months pregnant and her baby died on tuesday night. A night after I had the dream.

This is definitely something that I know I will remember for the rest of my life.

Getting back to Mario's prediction about his job opening, I spoke to him early in september and he said "well, everybody's telling me that I'm a nutcase if I think this business will open this month, everybody is telling me the proyect will be ready by early january, just like you said". Yesterday I had a very short chat with my dear friend Mario again and well, it really seems like the restaurant will open by the first week of January.

Well... I'll be damned.

Till this day, I have my doubts of wether I'm making all this up or it does happen, is it because my studies about psychology and probablity are so good I get a good chance of predicting ones future? That is something I'm in the path of learning with the help of Gaby, my new best friend.

The bad thing about being a psychic is that we can predict people's future but we can't predict our own.

And that reaaallllyyyyyyy sucks!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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