Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Between Good and Evil!

The Good Sister and the Bad Sister...

I will tell you that I belong to a very peculiar family story, I am the youngest and the one that bonds the family together; my father is divorced and had a daughter and my mother is a widow and has a son. I grew up with my brother, my sister lived with her mother until she was 18 years old ( I was 8), then she called my father and asked him to take her with him, and since then only for a few months she lived with us until she trapped my brother and got married to him after 5 months, they had two boys, right now the oldest one is 17, the youngest 14.

I never got along with my sister, because of two reasons, 1) I felt she was stealing my father and 2) because she stole my brother, or well that't what I felt when I was 8, right now everything is different, her character is very difficult to handle and she always tries to find a way to fight with us for everything; she blames my father for making her how she is and for leaving her with her mother, a drug addict and a grandfather an alcoholic; she also blames my mother for taking away my dad from her, which is totally untrue, blames me for being the youngest and the one who had everything that she was supposed to have; I think the only one who she doesn't blame is my brother, and that is because she's married to him and he supports her ugly self.

My sister since I remember was a bit wacko because she said she could see dead people, that really creeped me and surprised me at the same time; she would tell the most horrorific stories about how she could see her dead grandfather visiting her in the midle of the night as a dark smoke and telling things about her future, which eventually and after some time they actually came true. But still none of us believed her.

Anyway, a few months ago, when they moved back to tijuana, because they used to live in the south the first impression she gave me was of rejection, of not being able to stay in the same room as she was. It was something that's very hard to explain, but it is as if some sort of fear and you have the urge to get out of the room because you're in danger. That's something similar to what I feel everytime her and I are near.

I didn't know what it was, actually I just realized a few weeks ago what was the meaning of that feeling. I was with my parents at their home talking about her behavior that evening and my mother asked about her; immediately I saw 4 shadows standing behind her image, everything was happening in my head as always. I could tell the source of those shadows, they were entities, or souls very negative souls, as soon as I saw them I felt fear and that same need of escaping. The oldest of those souls contacted me and told me they were with her to protect her because she needs them, but they were not complete, they needed to be 6 of them to complete the circle and take my sister away but before they did that they needed my father.

My father is also a spiritualist and a prayer, he has some psychic powers but not as developed as me so he kind of knew what was going on with my sister, still he was a bit surprised of what I was describing.

A few days later my parents meet with my brothers for coffee, I couldn't join them but my father told me how the whole thing happened and it wasn't pleasant, they began talking about philosofy and theosofy and metaphysics when she tells my dad, she prays for her dead people, she has 4 souls taking care of her and they belong to her grandfather, grandmother, mother and an uncle and she always prays for them and talks to them and invoques them for her protection. Then she went into some sort of trance and gave my father a message to me.

"Yolanda...her creator will not be able to help her if she doesn't allow it"

What the hell was she talking about? That was something I was about to find out a few days later.

Remember I haven't been able to communicate with my sister for a long time because of that strange feeling I get so usually when she goes to my parents for a visit I get out of there as soon as she steps into the house and viceversa, when I go there and visit and she's already there, in 5 minute she's gone. So there is really no way she knows what I have or that I feel what I feel when she's around.

So with this she tells my father, that whenever she's around me she feels a huge wall that I create and that is something she feels she can't break.."but it's something that Yolanda doesn't know she's doing for her own protection, tell her she needs to break it to be released"... she said to my dad.

Hell, when my dad gave me the message I could feel every hair in my body raise like there was static all around me. How could she possible knew that?

I don't deal with dead people, and I don't wish to either, it is a border that I wouldn't like to cross but I know eventually I will have to do so as soon as I get the knowledge to fight it I will do it.

I met my friend gaby later on that week and told her about the message my sister sent to me; Gaby says that apart from the fact that my sister is already aware of my habilities to play with energies she knows and her four entities know that me and my father want to help her break from this negative pattern she's taking and those entities are not going to give up so easily.

And that's how one of my sister's entities, the oldest one sent me a bad ugly guardian to play ugly games with me.

And the batle begun!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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