Thursday, May 04, 2006

Turning to Another Page in History!

Deep Breath...

Finally he's gone, I can't believe what I did and I'm still in shock, I kicked him out and still I don't know where I got the courage to do so when it took me a whole year to tell him I wasn't happy anymore.

Suddenly that day was here. I wasn't so much aware of how serious Ali was on getting that house he always wanted until he told me a couple of weeks ago he was going to sign a contract and live a new life with his family. Weird, I didn't feel anything so I let him eat some leftovers I had on the fridge while he was giving me the heads up about how happy and excited he was about this new house; after he finished I told him I would gladly help him pack his stuff so he could leave....RIGHT NOW!

He stopped for a while and looked at me for an instant, he didn't know if he heard me correctly or I was joking, then asked "What???" and I just nodded "what you heard". Without more time to loose I hurried him up to get all his stuff in his luggage and even gave him extra grocery bags and a few other bags I could find so he could take his stuff away that same night to never come back. He still couldn't believe what was going on, I kept packing up his clothes and the rest of his remainings while he was assuring me he didn't even had the house keys yet.

I don't care baby, you're getting that house anyway right? so you'll have plenty of space to take your junk (grins).

he finished packing and putting everything inside his car, all of a sudden something hit me, I was going to be left alone, and it was now for real. I WAS GOING TO BE ALONE!!!! What in the world am I doing? Why aren't I stopping him and tell him it was just a joke and, well, let's get back inside and be the couple we've always been right?? But words didn't come out of my mouth, this time it was all actions, my hands and feet were doing things I didn't want to do and I couldn't stop it. And then the best for last, I spit "I'm going to need my spare keys for the car...and the house...please".

Yup, he was amazed just as I was, did I just say that? Did I just asked him to give me back my keys? after giving him the right to come into my house for 3 whole years? Oh my god I must be completely insane! I must be posessed by some sort of demon, I could have NOT said that ever!!!

He hessitated a while to give me back my keys as I had my hands extended and waiting for them to be dropped on my hands; he asked me if I was sure about it, and I said yes, he asked if he could come and visit me and I said NO, he asked if he was ever going to see me again and I said Maybe, probably, but not for now.

We had sex for the last time that night and I dropped a tear, bringing back the memories when he first moved in with all his stuff inside his car and I was helping him put his clothes in my closet and making enough room for his stuff.

Those were the happy times.

It was all clear, his choice of getting a home with his family was real, he was no joke and I was never a part of that plan. Well, if he really wants a house instead of the woman who gave him all of her life and her love for almost 4 years then there's nothing much to do to change his mind. It was all about the desire to reach "The American Dream".

Last Saturday my cell phone rang, it was him, he sounded...strange, preocupied, worried...devastated?

Ali: Hello? How are you? Are you going to be home tonight? I need to talk to you, remember that house I bought? Well it turned out it was all a fraud, I have no house, I have no money and I have nowhere to go, I really need you.

To be Continued....

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