Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dentists and other Crap!

I wish I was a shark sometimes...

I've been eating too many sweets for too long and seems like some of my baby tooth's don't want to come out just yet even after 20 years.

Last monday I felt something strange on one of my baby tooths (yes I still have baby tooths) and I was very very hessitant on going to the dentist to have it checked; now I've had a cavity for many years on that tooth and I never ever wanted to go to the dentists and have it filled, and really I was thinking that I would never have to go to the dentist unless all of my teeth would rot, broken and needed to be taken out of my mouth, otherwise I would not go.

But I'm such a coward when it comes to pains that even a little bit of weird feelings makes me want to rush to the doctor and see what's wrong even if sometimes is just gas buzzing my intestines.

Anyway, the little pain was bugging my tooth to the point I couldn't sleep, not because of the pain because the pain was almost invisible but because of the fear that I had to go to the dentist to have it checked. So the next day I dragged myself to the dentist and waited outside...and waited...and waited...and waited some more, it was already open but I just didn't want to go in; dammit, they were going to put needles on me!! that's too friggin' scary. But I was already there so I thought what the heck, it will probably be just my scared self and it wouldn't be so bad.

Well I was wrong!!!!

Damn dentist, she put a huge needle inside my mouth and I felt she was poking my brain with it, it hurt like hell even though she put a thingy that makes my skin numb at first, I don't care, I wanted to run away, I even warned the dentist if she hurt me I would kick her ass right there and then, so she took it slow, so slow she took an hour and a half filling that tooth and I didn't see the end of it!!!

Ooh the pain!! not the tooth ache, actually half of my face was totally numb but my jaw, it felt it would dittach from my skull from all the time that was open. Then it would only happen to me, I was so nervous and shaking so much the little suction thingy moved around my mouth and the little water hose moved over to my throat...

I was choking!!! and that dentist didn't know until I turned purple, she scared and apoligized, the suction thingy was not on so all the water coming out of the little hose was getting directly to my throat. So while she was putting that suction thingy back on I swallowed my own cavity, tooth dust and funny tasting water. WTF!!??

I know she wanted to kill me, I didn't let her to her job right, but I was paying her to do it dammit! and with that still she wants to kill me? Oh no no no no.

And still she tells me the rest of my fillings are old, so old they need new fillings, me with my numb face and inflamated cheek and bad burnt tooth smell said NO, I'm not coming back next week, are you kidding me? I may come back when my tooth are roth, broken and probably might think of tooth extraction,

No more fillings for me thank you.

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

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