Thursday, March 30, 2006

6 lives more to go!


I never thought it would happen to me, and always wanted to see it with my own eyes. Monday night my cousin and I were on our way to see "Hostel" the movie when a car hit us from the left side of my cousin's car and made us spin in the intersection hitting a stop light post, it was all so fast and at the same time so slow I still remember every second of it. It happened just like in the movies, the sounds disapeared, I felt the car tilting to the right and I turning my head to the left to see what was making us move and I could see a white car taking us out of the way, my cousin trying to control the car and I turning to every direction to see if anybody was going to hit us again, then I turned to her side and a big truck about to hit the driver side, I closed my eyes for a second, suddenly I turn my head to the right and I see a pole coming my way, I turned into a ball immediately without closing my eyes and seeing everything.

When the car stopped I was surprised the pole didn't hit me, it hit the front of the car distroying only the right lights and the right tire; I immediately turned to the left to see if my cousin was ok and we both looked at each other, then saw the big truck stopped just inches away from my cousin.

All the sounds of the street came back and I could hear my cousin asking me if I was ok, for then I realized I had a neck pain but everything else was in it's place, just my glasses jumped to the back seat of the car from the impact. Immediately I remember the car that hit us so I turned around to see if it stopped, but it didn't; it was a hit and run accident.

We got out of the car still asking each other if we were ok and still confused of what happened we didn't know what to do, funny thing, my cousin wanted to move the car out of the way because it was blocking the street and I was still thinking we were going to miss the movie if we didn't move quick.

A patrol officer came to us and asked what had happened, I told him only what I saw and left me with the words in my mouth and headed directly to where I told him the car that hit us probably have gone. A few minutes later 5 more patrols came to us and asks us if we ok and as soon as we said we were they headed over the the first patrol went. An ambulance appeared, then a fire truck and all of them were sent to the other side of the street. I was getting very angry from the lack of attention we were getting, we could have needed medical attention maybe. Finally another patrol car stopped infront of us and asked us for our papers, and told us we would be arrested until it was resolved who was responsible.

I was so scared and angry at the same time, we were going to get arrested for no reason! Luckily another officer came from the other side of the street and told our officer the person driving the other car was drunk, he immediately let us go, but still asked us to come with him to the police station to file a report against the person who hit us. So we got into the car and headed over the place the other car was standing; we saw the same white car, completely distroyed from the front and a woman laying on the floor with her face covered. I thought the woman was dead.

After we got to the police station, we asked the officer if the woman was dead, he told us after she hit us she pushed the gas so fast she lost control of her car and smashed it over a tree, then the car bounced to the other side of the street, the woman suffered minor injuries and a broken neck and was sent to the hospital for treatment, they asked her about the accident but she didn't remember anything.

A few minutes later a judge called us and asked us if we were injured so they could file custody of the woman, at that moment I didn't feel pain and my cousin the same, so we filed no charges against her.

I've been with a neck support for two days and haven't gone to work, for a dislocated bone and have to keep the suport for another week until my next doctor's appointment; my cousin only suffered a small inflamation to her back but it's nothing serious. Still with this, I think I did fine by not sending her to jail. While we were waiting at the police station for our release I kept thinking what had happened to this woman's life to make her drink on a monday afternoon...a tormentous life maybe?

And I was right, the next day when I went to the insurance company to get my hospital pass the insurace guy told me he had spoken to the woman's family and told him she had a very interesting past, she tried suicide last year and has been in jail several times for being conflictive. The woman is married with two little kids, that night of the accident she had a fight with her husband and got drunk, then she got into her car to clear up her mind. She didn't know she was not coming home that night.

Thinking in retrospective about the accident, we were really lucky we are still at home and talking to our loved ones. If it wasn't for that pole that stopped us and that truck that stopped on time, God only knows what could have happened to us.

As for that woman? She'll get her punishment.

"Divine Justice"

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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