Monday, February 20, 2006

Valentine's day and Income Taxes!

See any relation?...

They're both a pain in the ass! dammit!!! Who invented a Valentine's day anyway? Useless...crap...yes....crap...super crap....crap!

Anyway, on to another subject because this one's old enough to make me look old.

Dammit I'll be 27 in 3 months.

I'm feeling old....bring me my rocking chair...and a muffin while you're at it!

So yeah... Happy Valentino's day for all of you too.

Ok, so after being a good year and old I decided to give my parents a birthday gift for both of them as their birthdays end up in the same month fortunately not the same week so instead of buying them like flowers, cake and a dinner for two I wanted to do something fancier. Yeah I'm all about the big picture now, that's what my horoscope from two weeks ago told me. So I opened my huge, humongous mouth and told my parents I wanted to give them a trip to wherever they wanted to go with all expenses covered by Yoli Tours. Yes yes that's me my pennyless me, but oh well, I felt bad because I actually haven't given anything good to my parents ever in my entire life so why not giving them something they will remember until they die and also brag about with my brothers who are so useless I have deciced to take them out of my will so they feel more envious and jealous of their baby sister.... Yes that's me too.

Fine! Everything was fine and faaabulous until last friday, when my paycheck came and I see 20 bucks more deducted from my weekly tax deduction, which equalled now to a hundred bucks total worth of weekly tax deduction which would end up being 400 bucks worth of monthly tax deduction which would end up being 4800 bucks worth in a yearly tax deduction and let me tell you. That's alot of money for Mexico, mostly for me!

I fainted, then came back to life, then fainted again when I knew I wasn't having bad dreams with the tax deduction, and what have I done 3 days before? I gave my parents a birthday present, unlimitted budget trip to wherever they wanted to go.


Stoopid taxes!! Me and my big humongous mouth!!! Gaaaaaah!

-Gasping air-

So after finding this atrocity I had to claim this...this....thing to the payroll guy who with his drooling mouth and flies flying around him answered that it was a regular yearly readjustment for all of our salaries (my ass) and that some of us got it and some of us didn't (my ass). I demand a clearer explanation for this...this...atrocity!!!!

I know it's all Nutter Industries Fault, I just know it! A few hours later the Gral. Mgrs. Admin comes to my desk and asks me for 10 cents to borrow because she wants to take out hot cocoa for her boss.


After you, this crappy ass company took out 20 bucks from my paycheck you want to steal away from me 10 cents for the boss's hot cocoa?

This is going into public record!


$20.10 and counting!!!

-Gasping air-

Happy Monday Everyone!

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