Monday, February 27, 2006


Celebration of Yoliation fascination realization…

Hmmm let’s see now, what should I blog about today?

Should I rant about this woman who is getting me out of my nerves every time she screams for anything? Yes I’m talking about Drama queen.

You know how it is when you work with numbers? Anybody has ever worked with numbers before? Like accounting? If so, you must know what it feels like when you’re highly concentrated on your thing and suddenly someone slams the door and starts buffing and puffing like a bull and makes weird sounds and ends up screaming about something….Then…then you feel like a vinyl record is being scratched by a needle. What comes next is inevitable, you’ve been trying to figure out why a number is not matching your budget and someone is distracting you and you totally lost the account and you have to start all over again…and it was a 2 hour job we’re talking about here.

I am sooo killing Drama Queen, I am going to kill her pulling each hair of her humongous head one by one then make little hair balls and make her eat them.

Ok she might not die but she will sure get constipated. She might need an enema.


Perhaps blog about how the BT revealed himself as being so uncomfortable with the situation we are in right now that he told me Saturday he wants me to be his GF because he just doesn’t seem to fit well into the BT position. He is still in no position to whine, I’ll give him a few months more before I decide, at least I have to wait after March then we’ll see what happens.

Ok why is everybody waving at me through the window? I don’t like this!

Dammit it makes me feel like I’m inside a cage and people are looking at a monkey using a computer. Oooh so amuzing, yup I can stick out a booger and eat it too…wanna see?

Yeah that’s what I thought….beat it bozo!

I took my parents to the airport on Friday night, they’re off to their honeymoon/birthday trip and they have no date to come back yet, still I’m so happy I’m practically on vacations myself too, so I started off my weekend with no parents with a lazy Sunday, no cleaning, no washing and just sleeping.

My no parent’s home vacation is beginning!!!


Happy Monday Everyone!

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