Friday, February 10, 2006

Note to Self!


So I had a 3 day weekend and it was fabulous, except for a few other things that really pissed me off.

1- I totally forget how pushy and nosy my parents are that every time I invite them to eat outside they need to know how much the check was and then start making faces and doing expressions about how expensive the restaurant was. I definitely think BT and my parents should have been family.

2- Waiters piss me off. When I ask for water is either because I am choking with the dry food they have served me or I’m so thirsty, either ways, I need water RIGHT NOW NOT TOMORROW!

3- Crossing the US border is always pissful, yes pissful, not peaceful, pissful; why you ask? Stupid border inspectors don’t know what secondary inspection is, so they decide to turn a 30 minute waiting line into a 1 hour and 50 minute waiting line because they want to check each and every car they look at. Do I look like a damn drug dealer to you?? I have my parents with me dammit!!! And that little bag contains medication for my father’s heart condition…No don’t take it away, dammit!!

4- Went to a little store to Seaport Village on Saturday and I saw a few accessories I liked, I asked the woman behind the counter if those accessories were real silver and she nodded, then asked “what did you think it was?” I turned into Piss Mode and I answered “Fake, that’s why I asked, because they LOOK FAKE!” Damn racists!!!!!

Anyhow I got me a great deal on all about cats store with a 75% disccount on a cookie jar and of course the whole store was 75% off and of course I wanted to take the whole store incluing the owner's cat which was pregnant with lil kitties...Sooo cute!

5- I got some killer new highlights which totally rock, and they look real pretty. Now ask me if I’ll ever do it again? Hell NO! it took the guy 4 hours to do my highlights and over a hundred bucks, you’ll think a hundred bucks for a hair cut and some highlights is cheap. Well, not my precious time it is!!

4 friggin hours?!?!?!!

Oh hell no!!!!

6- Went to a gay bar last friday, let me tell you, I ain't no gay, but I sure loved the environment there, so free and so ... free

Note to self: this might be my common place to hang out and have fun without being interrupted by creeps wanting to hit on me. Well unless there are some creepy looking chicks, then I'll be getting back to straight bars.
Happy Sunday Everyone!

PS: Oh yeah, the killer new highlights!

Oohhh and the cute Kitty cookie Jar!

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