Saturday, February 04, 2006

The BT Likes to be Spanked!

If I knew back then...

Who would know that BT likes to be treated like crap so he can be nice and sweet and tender and lovable just like a BF should act.

He's demanding his title of BF back, but he is not getting it, period!

Thursday night he calls me from outside and asks me if I ate already, I said no, then he said "good, don't eat anything because I brought dinner and I'm on the way to the store to get some beer".


And he was for real.

While finishing dinner:

Me: I'm sleepy, didn't get much sleep last night

BT: What did you do?

Me: I went to the movies last night with some friends

BT: Which friends are those? Men or women?

Me: What's the difference? They're friends

BT: Male friends start asking girls out for the movies, then it comes a dinner invitation and after that something else.

Me: Yup, probably....this kabob you broght is very delicious.

BT: So I should date other women too huh?

Me: Definitely, I don't know why you're not doing it now.

BT: Stopped eating and dropped his fork

Me: Are you going to eat that? Can I have it?

BT: All yours.

Me: (Huge grin) YAY!

Yoli- 2
BT - 0

Oh yes, the BT is going DOWN!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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