Sunday, January 15, 2006

You Can Call Me The Baking Freak!

behold baking freak...

I don't know what has happened to me since I got of for christmas vacation, but I have turned into a baking freak all of a sudden and really, really seriously thinking of opening a catering business of my own.

Unfortunately my idea of buying me that mango tree land is going to have to wait until I save some money with my catering business so I can get it.

I've baked like crazy I tell you, and basically I have broken my body, my arms and I think I have developed new muscles in my back from all that kneading; bad thing I have baked so much now I have nobody to give all the goodies and not so goodies to anybody, well except for the butter cookies that disapeared within 3 days.

So far the only things that have been baking failures were some cinnamon buns I tried making that turned out into deadly cinnamon stones, so as a punishment I ate them all. Oh that and also a loaf of bread, they were hard as a rock I tell you; but I won't complain, it was my very first time trying to make some bread, but with the practice something had to go right, right? So last night I baked a loaf of salt bread which turned out to be pretty damn good for the second time of trying, and really didn't know the secret was in the kneading.

So now I found a new way to exercise my upper body...Knead like crazy you woman!!!! Damn I'm going to be so proud of my triceps, biceps and upper back in a few months.

Also I have pondered about this new habit I have adopted, and I remember when the first time I started to have troubles with my ex boyfriend, that is when I learned how to cook; this time I'm learning how to bake, although I don't have serious problems with BF is obvious it was very uncomfortable that behaviour of his on the night of the 24 of december and I'm trying to concentrate my mind on kneading my brains off to not think about ripping BF's head off, although is very therapeutic because when I'm kneading my doughs I'm thinking of punching BF in the groin til he turns green. Hmm, guess is not working huh?

Now going back to the catering business, I've downloaded all these recipies that can really work out, but I have a problem, I'm extremly shy when it comes to me showing something to the public.

I have no idea how am I going to start a business with me being all shy like a damn turtle.

Better start thinking of something.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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