Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday Hump!

What a way to start to year off..sheesssshhhh…

This morning I was running late, I always, aaaalways check if there isn’t any police cars around so I can skip the stop signs, well it so happened I got my very first ticket in my whole life and it feels bad.

Good thing is, I can get a 50% discount if I pay the fine within 3 days so I hope it doesn’t cost me much.


In other news, I’m still having contact with this guy I started flirting with and well we were going to meet in Puerto Vallarta for spring break, now he’s so anxious to meet me he wants to come and see me for a quickie.

He is hilarious I tell you!

Oh the BF? Never mind him, he’s somewhere around, I don’t know, somewhere, although I feel kinda bad for him, he’s taking the test to get his citizenship on January 19, plus he just got his yearly review at his current job so he’s pretty happy about it. I’m pretty happy about him too.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and I realized that BF and I are going to be very difficult to finish the relationship we’re currently having, although is not much of a relationship because he sees me when he sees me but really doesn’t take care of me, it’s weird. Anyway, I think we are pretty good friends in deed and it will be very hard to end up in bad terms, because that’s what I’m wishing for, to end up in bad terms, so I don’t have to see him ever again. BF says if we ever break up he wants to remain friends, I never do that, and he’s not going to be the exception, just having skeletons in the closet doesn’t let me live my life the way I want. So basically we are just friends with benefits, and it will remain that way until either of us get tired of each other, that’s the only excuse I give BF for being with me the way he is, and that way I don’t feel bad about what I’m doing.

So, there goes my friend the BF and there goes my other horny friend that now wants to see me, for a quickie!

Again, he is hilarious I tell ya!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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