Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And the Word of the Day Is!


Oh yes, what a wonderful word, I'm starting to love it not just like it. For a start, right after the termination between BF and I (by the way BF will be known as BT from now on)things had turned out to be pretty well:

BT: I'm hungry

Me: Change me the water bottle and I'll give you food.

BT: Dinner was delicious

Me: Good, the dishes are all yours, I'll go do my manicure now

BT: Can you please do my payments for the month over the internet?

Me: Sure, that will be 40 bucks please... in advance.

BT: I don't have shampoo anymore, or shaving cream, actually I don't even have money to eat tomorrow I forgot to go to the bank.

Me: Don't look at me. Not my problem kiddo!

BT: My neck is killing me (sad puppy face)

Me: Give me a good orgasm and you might get a modest massage.

Saturday night my dad read the tarot cards for me and turned out I'm going to have a marriage proposal sometime around I don't know but soon which sounds pretty nice, and also I'm going to cheat on someone, that sounds even better, it was about time I started to be naughty.

And the best of all, I asked my dad if I was going to go on long way trip this year, it turned out I'm going to the Patagonia!!!

He sent me to the Patagoniaaaaaa!!!


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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