Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And the Word of the Day Is!


Oh yes, what a wonderful word, I'm starting to love it not just like it. For a start, right after the termination between BF and I (by the way BF will be known as BT from now on)things had turned out to be pretty well:

BT: I'm hungry

Me: Change me the water bottle and I'll give you food.

BT: Dinner was delicious

Me: Good, the dishes are all yours, I'll go do my manicure now

BT: Can you please do my payments for the month over the internet?

Me: Sure, that will be 40 bucks please... in advance.

BT: I don't have shampoo anymore, or shaving cream, actually I don't even have money to eat tomorrow I forgot to go to the bank.

Me: Don't look at me. Not my problem kiddo!

BT: My neck is killing me (sad puppy face)

Me: Give me a good orgasm and you might get a modest massage.

Saturday night my dad read the tarot cards for me and turned out I'm going to have a marriage proposal sometime around I don't know but soon which sounds pretty nice, and also I'm going to cheat on someone, that sounds even better, it was about time I started to be naughty.

And the best of all, I asked my dad if I was going to go on long way trip this year, it turned out I'm going to the Patagonia!!!

He sent me to the Patagoniaaaaaa!!!


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Last night was the IT of all ITS! But to be brave I had to drink a full glass of alcoholic egg nog that was hiding around in my kitchen cabinets.

We had dinner, I all drunk and stupid was eating like an idiot while listening to BF telling me about how a 50 year old woman was hitting on him and basically wanted to rape him.

Anyway, after he finished telling his tragical drama/comedy I…began to speak! So actually all I said to him was “I” because I couldn’t say more, I was already crying like a Daisy and I didn’t even say the first word and stopped; BF was wondering what the hell was wrong with me besides being drunk; so after weeping my eyes out I finished the “I…think we should stop seeing each other”.

Yes finally I said it, BF was not expecting it, or maybe he was, he’s been asking me what’s wrong with me since Christmas eve and I have answered “Nothing, now leave me alone” all the time, so maybe that’s why he didn’t look so surprised.

BF asked me why did I say that, so I just spit out everything, yup just how I felt he treated me, I didn’t know what he was doing with me if he didn’t care, so I told him I knew he was just taking advantage of me, otherwise what other reason would there be to be with me.

After listening, BF calmly told me he would do what ever I wanted to do, if I didn’t want to see him again he would accept it but he thought I was not being fair because he really didn’t feel that way, and he was not taking advantage of me; so I asked him why then? He didn’t want to tell me at fist, he just told me “I am with you because of many reasons I am not going to tell you, I don’t want to tell you” So I had to force him by telling him that was BS, he was lying that I was right, he was really taking advantage of me.

Then he had no other choice and told me the reason, while his voice was breaking and turned his eyes away from me and put his hands on his face so I couldn’t see him; while covering his face he told me I was the only woman he knew that could understand him, that was able to talk freely without any arguments, that he felt my support all the time and he never felt that before, that I was the smartest girl he had ever met and the only one that has treated him good in all his life.

If he was acting, he’s good! If he wasn’t then why did he keep all of those things to himself and never told me that?

Anyway, still I had the decision of terminating the relatinship, although it’s very hard for me I wanted to make it easy on both of us, especially me and I offered him to keep seeing in each other but the only thing that would change is that him and I were not going to be exclusive anymore, that way both of us could give ourselves the chance to meet other people seriously without hurting each other.

He didn’t agree with it, he said if we’re going to be together we are going to be together, I don’t like it any other way, but he had to accept it, him and I have different targets in life; my target in life is to find someone that I can share my life with and all my life’s goals would be with that person beside me and be happy. His target in life, buy a house, make a business and maybe someday have a serious relationship or even marry but he hardly doubts it.

I’m sorry to hear that I told him but that’s the way things are. He asked me if I was going to have sex with other men because if I was he was not going to be with me.

Of course I told him no, but of course I AM LYING!!

What am I stupid?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

You Can Call Me The Baking Freak!

behold baking freak...

I don't know what has happened to me since I got of for christmas vacation, but I have turned into a baking freak all of a sudden and really, really seriously thinking of opening a catering business of my own.

Unfortunately my idea of buying me that mango tree land is going to have to wait until I save some money with my catering business so I can get it.

I've baked like crazy I tell you, and basically I have broken my body, my arms and I think I have developed new muscles in my back from all that kneading; bad thing I have baked so much now I have nobody to give all the goodies and not so goodies to anybody, well except for the butter cookies that disapeared within 3 days.

So far the only things that have been baking failures were some cinnamon buns I tried making that turned out into deadly cinnamon stones, so as a punishment I ate them all. Oh that and also a loaf of bread, they were hard as a rock I tell you; but I won't complain, it was my very first time trying to make some bread, but with the practice something had to go right, right? So last night I baked a loaf of salt bread which turned out to be pretty damn good for the second time of trying, and really didn't know the secret was in the kneading.

So now I found a new way to exercise my upper body...Knead like crazy you woman!!!! Damn I'm going to be so proud of my triceps, biceps and upper back in a few months.

Also I have pondered about this new habit I have adopted, and I remember when the first time I started to have troubles with my ex boyfriend, that is when I learned how to cook; this time I'm learning how to bake, although I don't have serious problems with BF is obvious it was very uncomfortable that behaviour of his on the night of the 24 of december and I'm trying to concentrate my mind on kneading my brains off to not think about ripping BF's head off, although is very therapeutic because when I'm kneading my doughs I'm thinking of punching BF in the groin til he turns green. Hmm, guess is not working huh?

Now going back to the catering business, I've downloaded all these recipies that can really work out, but I have a problem, I'm extremly shy when it comes to me showing something to the public.

I have no idea how am I going to start a business with me being all shy like a damn turtle.

Better start thinking of something.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday Hump!

What a way to start to year off..sheesssshhhh…

This morning I was running late, I always, aaaalways check if there isn’t any police cars around so I can skip the stop signs, well it so happened I got my very first ticket in my whole life and it feels bad.

Good thing is, I can get a 50% discount if I pay the fine within 3 days so I hope it doesn’t cost me much.


In other news, I’m still having contact with this guy I started flirting with and well we were going to meet in Puerto Vallarta for spring break, now he’s so anxious to meet me he wants to come and see me for a quickie.

He is hilarious I tell you!

Oh the BF? Never mind him, he’s somewhere around, I don’t know, somewhere, although I feel kinda bad for him, he’s taking the test to get his citizenship on January 19, plus he just got his yearly review at his current job so he’s pretty happy about it. I’m pretty happy about him too.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and I realized that BF and I are going to be very difficult to finish the relationship we’re currently having, although is not much of a relationship because he sees me when he sees me but really doesn’t take care of me, it’s weird. Anyway, I think we are pretty good friends in deed and it will be very hard to end up in bad terms, because that’s what I’m wishing for, to end up in bad terms, so I don’t have to see him ever again. BF says if we ever break up he wants to remain friends, I never do that, and he’s not going to be the exception, just having skeletons in the closet doesn’t let me live my life the way I want. So basically we are just friends with benefits, and it will remain that way until either of us get tired of each other, that’s the only excuse I give BF for being with me the way he is, and that way I don’t feel bad about what I’m doing.

So, there goes my friend the BF and there goes my other horny friend that now wants to see me, for a quickie!

Again, he is hilarious I tell ya!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I’m Zizzlin’ Hot!

Bring the broiler….

The gift of flirting, I totally forgot all about it, and I needed it so badly these past weeks. Definitely boots the ego to know we as girls have that power of making a man fantasizing about us with just a word.

I started IM with a friend I haven’t spoken to in a long time and we had a great time playing with words.

Yup, this is what I need to get going.

Monday Morning:

BF while putting on his socks: Tell me, have you seem a man as nice and good looking like me?

Me: Oh believe me, I’ve seen better.

Aannnd, it looks like one of BF’s nephews is about to become America’s Most wanted. Tuesday night BF told me how the older nephew Mr. King Kong was arrested for drunk driving and high speeding on the streets, King Kong still needs to go to court and be filed for several other hit and runs and a police car chase with helicopters.

Yes, with helicopters.

And, he was drunk.

See, when I say the nephews are stupid it is because they are really stupid.

I hope stupidity doesn’t run in the family.

Happy Thursday Everyone!