Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Between Good and Evil!

The Good Sister and the Bad Sister...

I will tell you that I belong to a very peculiar family story, I am the youngest and the one that bonds the family together; my father is divorced and had a daughter and my mother is a widow and has a son. I grew up with my brother, my sister lived with her mother until she was 18 years old ( I was 8), then she called my father and asked him to take her with him, and since then only for a few months she lived with us until she trapped my brother and got married to him after 5 months, they had two boys, right now the oldest one is 17, the youngest 14.

I never got along with my sister, because of two reasons, 1) I felt she was stealing my father and 2) because she stole my brother, or well that't what I felt when I was 8, right now everything is different, her character is very difficult to handle and she always tries to find a way to fight with us for everything; she blames my father for making her how she is and for leaving her with her mother, a drug addict and a grandfather an alcoholic; she also blames my mother for taking away my dad from her, which is totally untrue, blames me for being the youngest and the one who had everything that she was supposed to have; I think the only one who she doesn't blame is my brother, and that is because she's married to him and he supports her ugly self.

My sister since I remember was a bit wacko because she said she could see dead people, that really creeped me and surprised me at the same time; she would tell the most horrorific stories about how she could see her dead grandfather visiting her in the midle of the night as a dark smoke and telling things about her future, which eventually and after some time they actually came true. But still none of us believed her.

Anyway, a few months ago, when they moved back to tijuana, because they used to live in the south the first impression she gave me was of rejection, of not being able to stay in the same room as she was. It was something that's very hard to explain, but it is as if some sort of fear and you have the urge to get out of the room because you're in danger. That's something similar to what I feel everytime her and I are near.

I didn't know what it was, actually I just realized a few weeks ago what was the meaning of that feeling. I was with my parents at their home talking about her behavior that evening and my mother asked about her; immediately I saw 4 shadows standing behind her image, everything was happening in my head as always. I could tell the source of those shadows, they were entities, or souls very negative souls, as soon as I saw them I felt fear and that same need of escaping. The oldest of those souls contacted me and told me they were with her to protect her because she needs them, but they were not complete, they needed to be 6 of them to complete the circle and take my sister away but before they did that they needed my father.

My father is also a spiritualist and a prayer, he has some psychic powers but not as developed as me so he kind of knew what was going on with my sister, still he was a bit surprised of what I was describing.

A few days later my parents meet with my brothers for coffee, I couldn't join them but my father told me how the whole thing happened and it wasn't pleasant, they began talking about philosofy and theosofy and metaphysics when she tells my dad, she prays for her dead people, she has 4 souls taking care of her and they belong to her grandfather, grandmother, mother and an uncle and she always prays for them and talks to them and invoques them for her protection. Then she went into some sort of trance and gave my father a message to me.

"Yolanda...her creator will not be able to help her if she doesn't allow it"

What the hell was she talking about? That was something I was about to find out a few days later.

Remember I haven't been able to communicate with my sister for a long time because of that strange feeling I get so usually when she goes to my parents for a visit I get out of there as soon as she steps into the house and viceversa, when I go there and visit and she's already there, in 5 minute she's gone. So there is really no way she knows what I have or that I feel what I feel when she's around.

So with this she tells my father, that whenever she's around me she feels a huge wall that I create and that is something she feels she can't break.."but it's something that Yolanda doesn't know she's doing for her own protection, tell her she needs to break it to be released"... she said to my dad.

Hell, when my dad gave me the message I could feel every hair in my body raise like there was static all around me. How could she possible knew that?

I don't deal with dead people, and I don't wish to either, it is a border that I wouldn't like to cross but I know eventually I will have to do so as soon as I get the knowledge to fight it I will do it.

I met my friend gaby later on that week and told her about the message my sister sent to me; Gaby says that apart from the fact that my sister is already aware of my habilities to play with energies she knows and her four entities know that me and my father want to help her break from this negative pattern she's taking and those entities are not going to give up so easily.

And that's how one of my sister's entities, the oldest one sent me a bad ugly guardian to play ugly games with me.

And the batle begun!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Your Near Future!

That's how I knew I had a "gift"...

I met a guy a few months ago through a love match website; he's one of the cutest guys I've ever met, also sweet and very polite, I felt a very strong bond with him and we chatted about everything but there was a mismatch, he wants to have kids and I don't; so as soon as he knew I didn't want kids he told me directly he wouldn't wan to have more than a friendship with me, which I thought it was still okay because we had a lot of things in common and our spark was more about being the best of friends than being something else.

Then something came up my mind, like a short film, I saw him holding 3 kids, two girls and one boy and right next to them a beautiful woman, then many dates came up my mind and these images were so fast coming into me I had to stop for a second and sort them out. They were all like playing cards being thrown at me at random order and really messy I coulnd't understand at first hand what they meant.

I then thought it could probably be something about him that he needed to know, he told me he felt sad because he's 35 and still with nobody to share his future plans with, he needs to have a family of his own and needs to give all the love he has to that special woman, to his "muse" that's how he calls her; he also told me about a business opening, very big for his life and told me he had plans to open it early september. A big no came to my head and said to me, early january, many troubles and nervous breakdown.

I didn't know how to react at what I was seeing inside my head, it was really the first time it had happened and couldn't explain why, still there was this urge to let him know what I saw that I just had to excuse myself and tell him I had information to pass over him; I said, "I have a thing that sometimes happens to me with people and it's about their future and I think you should know this and I hope you don't get scared or you will stop talking to me".

He acted surprised and a bit relaxed at the same time, after I finished saying what he needed to know he confessed he had the same gifts as I do; in fact he can see auras and his sister is a medium, I felt so happy I found someone that understood what I was feeling a few months ago after my first experience and until now he's one of two people I adore in this world, his name is Mario and he also introduced me to my soul mate and almost immediately became my very best friend, Gaby, she's a psyquic like me, but her powers are more advanced than mine, I'm a toddler compared to her and she teaches me alot of things about this gift that is totally new for me.

The thing about being a psychic and mostly when it happens to someone as scheptical as I was is that as many times I have done some visions for friends of mine I still get surprised at the results I get after my visions come true. It is something that inside me of is very hard to explain what the feeling and emotions I get.

One of the most surprising and it was the very first vision coming true was about a close workmate of mine, she got pregnant 8 months ago. When she told me she was pregnant I could see something dark and too much sadness and that sadness came out of me and it showed in my face, my work mate was a bit angry at me because I didn't congratulate her but it was something I couldn't help and I couldn't say what I felt. I saw a badly shaped male fetus who was strugling for life and it was an asfixiating feeling for me it made me want to cry.

5 months passed, she struggled with the baby with chances of abortion, then one night I remember it was a monday I dreamed about her and the baby; she was giving birth to it and the baby was dead, she was holding the dead fetus between her hands and she was sobbing so hard. The dream was so real I woke up with anguish, two days later, on a wednesday morning she gave birth to a dead male baby, she was 5 months pregnant and her baby died on tuesday night. A night after I had the dream.

This is definitely something that I know I will remember for the rest of my life.

Getting back to Mario's prediction about his job opening, I spoke to him early in september and he said "well, everybody's telling me that I'm a nutcase if I think this business will open this month, everybody is telling me the proyect will be ready by early january, just like you said". Yesterday I had a very short chat with my dear friend Mario again and well, it really seems like the restaurant will open by the first week of January.

Well... I'll be damned.

Till this day, I have my doubts of wether I'm making all this up or it does happen, is it because my studies about psychology and probablity are so good I get a good chance of predicting ones future? That is something I'm in the path of learning with the help of Gaby, my new best friend.

The bad thing about being a psychic is that we can predict people's future but we can't predict our own.

And that reaaallllyyyyyyy sucks!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yoli is Back and full of Energy!

Hell and it is a good one by the way...

People I am back, yes I'm back but not to tell you about my horrorific life. Like I wrote on my previous post was under reconstruction. And well as you can see it wasn't the reconstruction of a blog, but a reconstruction about me; yes, as always this blog will be focused on me, that's never going to change, this is my blog and hence it will be about me, but with a little twist now.

While I was inside my egg waiting to burst out of it something hit me, I didn't bleed thank you for asking, but it did change my life, it was back in June when I was struck by something i can't really explain what it was, but it was so hard I still don't understand how it happened. Then the egg broke and I was out, to find that there are other people out there inside that shell and they can't break by themselves, and I have a thing that can help break that shell.

This blog will be now about how I learn how to develop my powers as a new psychic, I want to share that experience with you, because I believe everybody has a psychic within but don't know how to take it out of them.

I hope all of my previous readers will still like this corner, but if not well I wish you all good luck in your journey.


Is it possible really that there is something out there out of any means of explanation? I still don't know if what some people have as a gift has logical explanations of any kind. Maybe plain luck, too much logic going in our minds to understand and probably predict what will happen in the future; this is what I'm trying to find out.

Early June, I had a trip planned to go to another city, on to the northeast of my country to visit a friend of mine for her birthday. Something inside my head put an image of me being worried about something going wrong. I didn't pay attention, I had many of those before when I had a trip planned, it was plain nerves.

Right after I got off that plane something went wrong, the bus took 4 hours to drive me to the town I was heading because of a traffic coalision, besides that, the ranch where the birthday party took place was too far away from town for any public transportation to drive by; my friend who offered to drive me back to the bus station that night disapeared for the rest of the night and I had nobody to take me back. Right at that moment, the image in my head that I had a few days before appeared right where I was standing, it was dark, lonely, cold and I felt extremely worried that I could miss my trip back to TJ.

To end the story in a happy way, fortunately I have a guardian angel looking after me, and introduced me to my friend's cousin who offered to drive me back to town and head me to my trip on time.

I'm still thankful to him for helping me, otherwise I would have missed my plane.

This was the first time I had a vision of something happenning, it was surprising, I couldn't believe I had that same image in my head a few days back and didn't pay attention to it. Still I know if I knew it would happen I would still do it. It was something I couldn't prevent.

Since that moment I was more preocautios about everything that pops into my head, most probably if it does a few minutes before it will happen for sure.

More stories coming its way!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Complete makeover if I may...

People, the Egg Yol! is going through severe reconstruction, and soon, don't know when I'm trying to keep the drama here, very soon tan tan taaaaan. I will be back.


Very soon,

Happy Friday Everyone.

PS: Ooh this was a friday quickie aswell. ha!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back To The Old Habits!


After breaking up with Ali I’ve been here and there, mostly everywhere and trying to get my life back the way it was before.

I never said this in this blog but I used to be quite naughty back in the days when I went completely independent from my family and had an apartment of my own. It all started when I was 22, still a virgin and never had a real sexual encounter with a man. My parents were very possessive so my father never allowed me to go out anywhere and be at home before 12 am; so it was obvious that once I was living alone I was going to “Live la Vida Loca” which till this date I don’t regret.

I had several one night stands and I even took part of a threesome, all of this in less than a year, my last one night stand was Ali. I don’t regret him either.

Although I have matured enough to know one night stands only leave emptiness and never fill that sense of pleasure I still wanted to give it another try, but I haven’t had the courage to do it just yet but I’ve been naughty enough to be fooling around with a few other guys I’ve already met and gone out with and only one of them got lucky.

Is the guy I post about a few weeks back, I met him at an online dating service, he lives in the Northeast side of my country, I live in the North Pacific so it was going to be a bit difficult to meet. Chatting very few times and txt messaging once in a while with our cells little by little things got heated up, ‘til the point of having phone sex one time and cybered another; the week after I get an invitation from him to go visit him at his city, not having anything to do that next weekend I booked a flight to Monterrey (Mexico, don’t confuse it with Ca).

And I must confess it’s been the best weekend I have ever spent in my whole life. It was all a dream, we felt as if we met each other since a long time, he is a true gentleman, a sweet, charming, delicate, sensitive and much more. Not to mention how horny, and creative he is which drove me wild. I felt we are quite compatible, in all the aspects you can think, but still something troubles me, and mainly is the distance.

I thought I would never know from him again, he had to leave to Boston the same day I was taking my flight back home, he said he would send me an email as soon as he got there but I never did get anything from him, then I knew it was all finished. But I guess I was wrong, when he came back from his trip he txt messaged me saying he was back, we exchanged a few other messages and that was the end of it. ‘til this day we are still keeping contact.

Last Saturday when I logged in the internet I saw him online, while chatting he said he was very happy and thankful that we met and then said something that shocked me “I wished you were right here with me to keep me company”. I couldn’t swallow it completely and to my surprise I felt uncomfortable by those words. We just met, how can he say something like that? He doesn’t know me! So I asked him to stop. The next day we saw each other online and said he wishes to see me again. Surprisingly I felt something, I don’t know what it was, happiness, sadness, it was all mixed emotions but I couldn’t say a word, I just smiled back, he asked what was wrong and I asked him if he was just joking around with those things, but he said he was serious and why would I be thinking like that? But I was not expecting him to tell me anything after our meeting, after all it was just a visit of sexual pleasuring without inhibitions right? But I felt he felt offended by what I just said, he said he enjoyed being with me and he wanted to see me if the time and schedules coincided but oh well, that was just him.

I couldn’t say anything, I didn’t know what to say or how to react at such thing, I’m not used to this kind of treatment and it hurts, if he’s not telling the truth it hurts, I just broke up with a man I thought was going to be the man of my life and now this guy comes and tells me he wants to see me again. I thought it was going to be sex, heat and end of story, no more continues.

Right now I’m very confused, I know he likes me, I know he’s being honest, for Pete’s sake he gave me his home phone number last night so I can call him. This is too compromising for me!! I don’t need to know any phone numbers, I don’t want to have a relationship right now, hell I don’t even think I want to see him again, what if I fall for him? I don’t want that, I’m still too sensitive, but at the same time I want to see him, desperately I want to be with him just like he told me that Saturday, and I also want to see him soon, very soon.

Even knowing he’s true with his feelings I’ve been dating a couple of other guys, I even tried to go on a weekend getaway with one of them, but he seems extremely shy for my taste, and I’m looking for a guy with a spark, fortunately I got sick with a flu, and he never called me back, that’s a good sign it means there was no chemistry.

Anyhoo, I’m not going to keep my hopes for the long distance guy, what good would he give me anyway? So I’ll just see who comes next.


Happy Hump-Day Everyone!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I WILL Survive!


Yeah I got the keys to my house back, his stuff are out of my closet, hell I am free again! But dammit, you know how it is when you had a relationship with someone and that someone meant something special to you but you have to move on?

I guess if it would have happened to me something similar to what happened to Ali I would have done the same thing, I would have searched for the person who supported me throughout 3.5 years or more and I wouldn't like him to put his back on me when I needed at least someone to talk to.

So yes, we met that saturday night at my house and he was really in no good shape, he even kind of scared me when he said he didn't go to work that day, and for him to not go to work for no particular reason is really really strange.

Making a very long story short I listened to his problem and how he felt about his life and his situation and how his life is passing by and nothing has changed, on the other hand it has gotten worse. Being the ear that I always am for all the friends I have and sometimes not even friends I try to comfort them so they can go on with their lives and make them feel that what they're going through isn't the end of the world.

Ali wanted to spend the night, and to be honest I was really horny! So he spent the night there, but as soon as he asked to come back the next day I said no. Hoorray for me!!!, nooow things are turning the way I want to, and I see him when I want to at the time I want to. And that feels so damn good!

In the mean time I've been single again, I've been moving on, dating a few other guys here and there, but nothing really interesting happening anyway. I even got into that online dating services and there's where I met this guy who captured me since the first time we had contact, we've txt msg our cells every once in a while to wish each other a nice day. The only problem is he's in another city, not too far away from where I live, but it would be very difficult to manage a relationship long distance. Still I'm willing to give it a try and last friday we arranged a meeting for next weekend in his city. So let's see how that goes.

While I'm arranging my trip, Ali calls saturday afternoon to see if I'm available, I said I was but until late that night, around 9 pm. So 9 pm came, 9:10, 9:30, 10pm, 10:30. I thought he wouldn't show up, so I changed clothes and wore my pj's to go to bed when I hear the door bell and it was him. We started a fight, that's really rare on us because we never really fight, worse in the midle of the street and that's what we were doing. He was angry at the way I asked him why he was so late, I don't even bother anymore to ask him why he didn't call because 1) I know the answer and 2) I no longer care. So he starts shouting at me and saying I'm a selfish woman and never cared about anybody’s feelings and that I only care about mine and that's why he never wants to marry because "All women are the same".


He got into his car and I ran infront of it to stop it, so he does, I reach his window and asked him:

Me: “What did you just said?, Now after 3 years you tell me why you don’t want commit?”

Ali: I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t want to talk to you anymore, you think I don’t notice how hard you are with me and how cold you are when I come to see you?


Me: Step out of the car because I really need to hear these things you’re saying.

We got inside the house and asked him to sit and speak.

“Let it all out” I said “I want to hear what you have to say before you get your ass out of my house for good”

I was acting like a therapist and Ali the patient, and so he really did “Let it all out”

I can’t believe a man can keep all that crap inside him for so long, how you men do it really??? I’m extremely impressed! And I never did thought that he ever noticed how I changed and since when I started acting so bitchy.

I am really impressed!

He even said he was EMOTIONALLY TIRED!! When do you hear a man saying “emotionally”?

Well I haven’t!

Anyway, my answers to all my questions, same as the readers that have followed my story since the beginning have been answered.

You wanna know?

I know you do!

He’s scared of commitment because he has seen everybody around him falling apart in their marriages, he doesn’t want that, he also doesn’t want to be tied to anybody telling him what to do and how to act and how to do things in his life, I doesn’t want the responsibility for a woman who is living with him or even married. He just wants to be free.

Totally understandable, still I don’t get how he doesn’t want commitments and he is committing to buy a house with his nephew.

That is a commitment and a responsibility aswell but I guess he was just talking about a living thing, and not a house and let’s just leave it at that.

And then he asked “Why are you acting so cold with me?”

And well folks, you know the answer…I also “let it all out”

And for the 20th time I told him it was over…over…OOOOVVEEERRRRRRR!!!

Because he really didn’t get it the first time so I had to put it in a more clear phrase so he could chew on it better.

‘Ali, you are here because I need SEX, I don’t need your money for the rent, I don’t need your help for anything, but I can’t use a damn vibrator or just get laid with the first man that crosses my street, so that’s really the reason why I allow you to stay around, for the SEX, that’s it, I don’t love you anymore, I just need the SEX, so this is the only thing I can offer you, SEX, no nice feelings, no tenderness, no love, no nothing, just SEX, SEX, SEX, so it’s really up to you, if you want to stay around we’ll just have SEX, no word exchange no interaction, just SEX, and if you don’t like it well…the door is wide open!” Any questions?

Ali: So this means we are over?



Any other questions?

Ali: No

Good,now let’s have SEX!

Happy Hump-Day Everyone!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Turning to Another Page in History!

Deep Breath...

Finally he's gone, I can't believe what I did and I'm still in shock, I kicked him out and still I don't know where I got the courage to do so when it took me a whole year to tell him I wasn't happy anymore.

Suddenly that day was here. I wasn't so much aware of how serious Ali was on getting that house he always wanted until he told me a couple of weeks ago he was going to sign a contract and live a new life with his family. Weird, I didn't feel anything so I let him eat some leftovers I had on the fridge while he was giving me the heads up about how happy and excited he was about this new house; after he finished I told him I would gladly help him pack his stuff so he could leave....RIGHT NOW!

He stopped for a while and looked at me for an instant, he didn't know if he heard me correctly or I was joking, then asked "What???" and I just nodded "what you heard". Without more time to loose I hurried him up to get all his stuff in his luggage and even gave him extra grocery bags and a few other bags I could find so he could take his stuff away that same night to never come back. He still couldn't believe what was going on, I kept packing up his clothes and the rest of his remainings while he was assuring me he didn't even had the house keys yet.

I don't care baby, you're getting that house anyway right? so you'll have plenty of space to take your junk (grins).

he finished packing and putting everything inside his car, all of a sudden something hit me, I was going to be left alone, and it was now for real. I WAS GOING TO BE ALONE!!!! What in the world am I doing? Why aren't I stopping him and tell him it was just a joke and, well, let's get back inside and be the couple we've always been right?? But words didn't come out of my mouth, this time it was all actions, my hands and feet were doing things I didn't want to do and I couldn't stop it. And then the best for last, I spit "I'm going to need my spare keys for the car...and the house...please".

Yup, he was amazed just as I was, did I just say that? Did I just asked him to give me back my keys? after giving him the right to come into my house for 3 whole years? Oh my god I must be completely insane! I must be posessed by some sort of demon, I could have NOT said that ever!!!

He hessitated a while to give me back my keys as I had my hands extended and waiting for them to be dropped on my hands; he asked me if I was sure about it, and I said yes, he asked if he could come and visit me and I said NO, he asked if he was ever going to see me again and I said Maybe, probably, but not for now.

We had sex for the last time that night and I dropped a tear, bringing back the memories when he first moved in with all his stuff inside his car and I was helping him put his clothes in my closet and making enough room for his stuff.

Those were the happy times.

It was all clear, his choice of getting a home with his family was real, he was no joke and I was never a part of that plan. Well, if he really wants a house instead of the woman who gave him all of her life and her love for almost 4 years then there's nothing much to do to change his mind. It was all about the desire to reach "The American Dream".

Last Saturday my cell phone rang, it was him, he sounded...strange, preocupied, worried...devastated?

Ali: Hello? How are you? Are you going to be home tonight? I need to talk to you, remember that house I bought? Well it turned out it was all a fraud, I have no house, I have no money and I have nowhere to go, I really need you.

To be Continued....

Friday, March 31, 2006

what NOT to expect from those you think they might CARE!


So yes, I'm a regular human being that needs pampering when something bad happens in it's life and a little bit of comforting words wouldn't be so bad.

After we were released from the police station note that I didn't weep or try to drop a tear all that time, I'm the strong cousin dammit, the older one, the most responsible one, the one who faced the charge of driving because little cousin didn't have her drivers license up to date. So yes, I was the one being yelled at by the police when I couldn't explain exactly how the accident happened, the one asked for her papers and the one that has an accident record.

How much did I wanted to call my parents to give me support while I was waiting at the police station, my cousin did, immediately her parents showed up they were there all the time. Why didn't I call my parents and decided to tell them the next day at noon that I had an accident and needed medical attention? Because my aunt said she would visit my parents the next day to talk about the subject. I didn't want to scare them away.

You see, I have a big problem, I hate showing up my feelings to people, even if they're my family, I can be broken inside but not show a face of sorrow or pain while everybody is present, especially when my parents are present, I don't want to make them worried about me, I don't want to show dependency of anybody, I need to show them I'm strong, I can deal with anything and stand up every time.

When I came back home after the accident, I opened the door to my apartment and faced something I have never realized before. Who is there for me when I need comfort? My house felt empty, huge, lonely. I couldn't stand it anymore and many thoughts came to my mind, the first one, my parents were on vacations the week before the accident and actually they were not planning to come back until one more month, but at the last minute decided to get back home because they missed me, they were 4 houses away from mine and still I didn't want to knock on their door at 11 pm to cry on their laps and tell them for the first time in my life I felt death so near me and I was afraid. The second thought was, I really don't have anybody that loves me or that I know he will be there for me when I need him.

For the first time in my life I felt alone. I dropped myself to the sofa and began crying, I cried my soul out, the pain in my heart was deeper than the pain I had from the accident, I thought for a second to call BT (his name is Ali by the way), but then I thought what's the use? he's nothing to me, what good will it do to me if I call him? So I didn't. I took a sleeping pill and headed to sleep hoping the pain would go away.

Tuesday night when Ali appeared and saw me with the neck support asked me what had happened, I explained to him, but just as I thought he made a sarcastic comment: "oh you're whining for a little pain in your neck, just take a shower with hot water and it will go away".

Sure, he's an ass! but at least he was useful to fix me dinner and give me a back rub with no sex. Wonderful!

Still, I needed a little pampering, which did never happened of course and yes, I was still sentive as I am now and I needed to cry a little more and well tell him what I felt about the whole experience, but of course he never let me....he was too busy reading his books on the internet to care.

Anyway, that day passed, then yesterday was another day Ali came to visit, still asking me why am I wearing the neck support, now I'm thinking he either suffers from Alz Heimers disease or he just plays stupid, which ever that was, he got into my nerves, thought I was playing, then another sarcastic comment appeared: "I've had so many accidents and look I don't cry, besides it was just a little bump don't be exagerated".

That did it, I couldn't stand it more and cried infront of his face, I know he hates that from me, he has told me that several times, he doesn't like to see me crying, he gets really angry when I do. So I've always tried to not cry infront of him but this time I just couldn't help it. That sure pissed him off and made him get out of the room for a few hours, even after he came back I was still weeping; stupid me I still asked him why he was so mean to me, why wouldn't he at least hug me? I needed a damn hug is that too much to ask?

But of course I forgot I never showed him how weak I am about things, so it is really my fault, he didn't know how to act on me, he barely sees me cry whenever he does something to me I feel is rude. All I know is how to expect him to act on me whenever something bad happens, he'll just ignore it.

Note to self, I was right I didn't call him that night, I'm really glad I didn't.

Somebody will come to my life and will get to appreciate me more, at least I'll have somebody to cry with whenever I feel blue.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

6 lives more to go!


I never thought it would happen to me, and always wanted to see it with my own eyes. Monday night my cousin and I were on our way to see "Hostel" the movie when a car hit us from the left side of my cousin's car and made us spin in the intersection hitting a stop light post, it was all so fast and at the same time so slow I still remember every second of it. It happened just like in the movies, the sounds disapeared, I felt the car tilting to the right and I turning my head to the left to see what was making us move and I could see a white car taking us out of the way, my cousin trying to control the car and I turning to every direction to see if anybody was going to hit us again, then I turned to her side and a big truck about to hit the driver side, I closed my eyes for a second, suddenly I turn my head to the right and I see a pole coming my way, I turned into a ball immediately without closing my eyes and seeing everything.

When the car stopped I was surprised the pole didn't hit me, it hit the front of the car distroying only the right lights and the right tire; I immediately turned to the left to see if my cousin was ok and we both looked at each other, then saw the big truck stopped just inches away from my cousin.

All the sounds of the street came back and I could hear my cousin asking me if I was ok, for then I realized I had a neck pain but everything else was in it's place, just my glasses jumped to the back seat of the car from the impact. Immediately I remember the car that hit us so I turned around to see if it stopped, but it didn't; it was a hit and run accident.

We got out of the car still asking each other if we were ok and still confused of what happened we didn't know what to do, funny thing, my cousin wanted to move the car out of the way because it was blocking the street and I was still thinking we were going to miss the movie if we didn't move quick.

A patrol officer came to us and asked what had happened, I told him only what I saw and left me with the words in my mouth and headed directly to where I told him the car that hit us probably have gone. A few minutes later 5 more patrols came to us and asks us if we ok and as soon as we said we were they headed over the the first patrol went. An ambulance appeared, then a fire truck and all of them were sent to the other side of the street. I was getting very angry from the lack of attention we were getting, we could have needed medical attention maybe. Finally another patrol car stopped infront of us and asked us for our papers, and told us we would be arrested until it was resolved who was responsible.

I was so scared and angry at the same time, we were going to get arrested for no reason! Luckily another officer came from the other side of the street and told our officer the person driving the other car was drunk, he immediately let us go, but still asked us to come with him to the police station to file a report against the person who hit us. So we got into the car and headed over the place the other car was standing; we saw the same white car, completely distroyed from the front and a woman laying on the floor with her face covered. I thought the woman was dead.

After we got to the police station, we asked the officer if the woman was dead, he told us after she hit us she pushed the gas so fast she lost control of her car and smashed it over a tree, then the car bounced to the other side of the street, the woman suffered minor injuries and a broken neck and was sent to the hospital for treatment, they asked her about the accident but she didn't remember anything.

A few minutes later a judge called us and asked us if we were injured so they could file custody of the woman, at that moment I didn't feel pain and my cousin the same, so we filed no charges against her.

I've been with a neck support for two days and haven't gone to work, for a dislocated bone and have to keep the suport for another week until my next doctor's appointment; my cousin only suffered a small inflamation to her back but it's nothing serious. Still with this, I think I did fine by not sending her to jail. While we were waiting at the police station for our release I kept thinking what had happened to this woman's life to make her drink on a monday afternoon...a tormentous life maybe?

And I was right, the next day when I went to the insurance company to get my hospital pass the insurace guy told me he had spoken to the woman's family and told him she had a very interesting past, she tried suicide last year and has been in jail several times for being conflictive. The woman is married with two little kids, that night of the accident she had a fight with her husband and got drunk, then she got into her car to clear up her mind. She didn't know she was not coming home that night.

Thinking in retrospective about the accident, we were really lucky we are still at home and talking to our loved ones. If it wasn't for that pole that stopped us and that truck that stopped on time, God only knows what could have happened to us.

As for that woman? She'll get her punishment.

"Divine Justice"

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dentists and other Crap!

I wish I was a shark sometimes...

I've been eating too many sweets for too long and seems like some of my baby tooth's don't want to come out just yet even after 20 years.

Last monday I felt something strange on one of my baby tooths (yes I still have baby tooths) and I was very very hessitant on going to the dentist to have it checked; now I've had a cavity for many years on that tooth and I never ever wanted to go to the dentists and have it filled, and really I was thinking that I would never have to go to the dentist unless all of my teeth would rot, broken and needed to be taken out of my mouth, otherwise I would not go.

But I'm such a coward when it comes to pains that even a little bit of weird feelings makes me want to rush to the doctor and see what's wrong even if sometimes is just gas buzzing my intestines.

Anyway, the little pain was bugging my tooth to the point I couldn't sleep, not because of the pain because the pain was almost invisible but because of the fear that I had to go to the dentist to have it checked. So the next day I dragged myself to the dentist and waited outside...and waited...and waited...and waited some more, it was already open but I just didn't want to go in; dammit, they were going to put needles on me!! that's too friggin' scary. But I was already there so I thought what the heck, it will probably be just my scared self and it wouldn't be so bad.

Well I was wrong!!!!

Damn dentist, she put a huge needle inside my mouth and I felt she was poking my brain with it, it hurt like hell even though she put a thingy that makes my skin numb at first, I don't care, I wanted to run away, I even warned the dentist if she hurt me I would kick her ass right there and then, so she took it slow, so slow she took an hour and a half filling that tooth and I didn't see the end of it!!!

Ooh the pain!! not the tooth ache, actually half of my face was totally numb but my jaw, it felt it would dittach from my skull from all the time that was open. Then it would only happen to me, I was so nervous and shaking so much the little suction thingy moved around my mouth and the little water hose moved over to my throat...

I was choking!!! and that dentist didn't know until I turned purple, she scared and apoligized, the suction thingy was not on so all the water coming out of the little hose was getting directly to my throat. So while she was putting that suction thingy back on I swallowed my own cavity, tooth dust and funny tasting water. WTF!!??

I know she wanted to kill me, I didn't let her to her job right, but I was paying her to do it dammit! and with that still she wants to kill me? Oh no no no no.

And still she tells me the rest of my fillings are old, so old they need new fillings, me with my numb face and inflamated cheek and bad burnt tooth smell said NO, I'm not coming back next week, are you kidding me? I may come back when my tooth are roth, broken and probably might think of tooth extraction,

No more fillings for me thank you.

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Monday, February 27, 2006


Celebration of Yoliation fascination realization…

Hmmm let’s see now, what should I blog about today?

Should I rant about this woman who is getting me out of my nerves every time she screams for anything? Yes I’m talking about Drama queen.

You know how it is when you work with numbers? Anybody has ever worked with numbers before? Like accounting? If so, you must know what it feels like when you’re highly concentrated on your thing and suddenly someone slams the door and starts buffing and puffing like a bull and makes weird sounds and ends up screaming about something….Then…then you feel like a vinyl record is being scratched by a needle. What comes next is inevitable, you’ve been trying to figure out why a number is not matching your budget and someone is distracting you and you totally lost the account and you have to start all over again…and it was a 2 hour job we’re talking about here.

I am sooo killing Drama Queen, I am going to kill her pulling each hair of her humongous head one by one then make little hair balls and make her eat them.

Ok she might not die but she will sure get constipated. She might need an enema.


Perhaps blog about how the BT revealed himself as being so uncomfortable with the situation we are in right now that he told me Saturday he wants me to be his GF because he just doesn’t seem to fit well into the BT position. He is still in no position to whine, I’ll give him a few months more before I decide, at least I have to wait after March then we’ll see what happens.

Ok why is everybody waving at me through the window? I don’t like this!

Dammit it makes me feel like I’m inside a cage and people are looking at a monkey using a computer. Oooh so amuzing, yup I can stick out a booger and eat it too…wanna see?

Yeah that’s what I thought….beat it bozo!

I took my parents to the airport on Friday night, they’re off to their honeymoon/birthday trip and they have no date to come back yet, still I’m so happy I’m practically on vacations myself too, so I started off my weekend with no parents with a lazy Sunday, no cleaning, no washing and just sleeping.

My no parent’s home vacation is beginning!!!


Happy Monday Everyone!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Valentine's day and Income Taxes!

See any relation?...

They're both a pain in the ass! dammit!!! Who invented a Valentine's day anyway? Useless...crap...yes....crap...super crap....crap!

Anyway, on to another subject because this one's old enough to make me look old.

Dammit I'll be 27 in 3 months.

I'm feeling old....bring me my rocking chair...and a muffin while you're at it!

So yeah... Happy Valentino's day for all of you too.

Ok, so after being a good year and old I decided to give my parents a birthday gift for both of them as their birthdays end up in the same month fortunately not the same week so instead of buying them like flowers, cake and a dinner for two I wanted to do something fancier. Yeah I'm all about the big picture now, that's what my horoscope from two weeks ago told me. So I opened my huge, humongous mouth and told my parents I wanted to give them a trip to wherever they wanted to go with all expenses covered by Yoli Tours. Yes yes that's me my pennyless me, but oh well, I felt bad because I actually haven't given anything good to my parents ever in my entire life so why not giving them something they will remember until they die and also brag about with my brothers who are so useless I have deciced to take them out of my will so they feel more envious and jealous of their baby sister.... Yes that's me too.

Fine! Everything was fine and faaabulous until last friday, when my paycheck came and I see 20 bucks more deducted from my weekly tax deduction, which equalled now to a hundred bucks total worth of weekly tax deduction which would end up being 400 bucks worth of monthly tax deduction which would end up being 4800 bucks worth in a yearly tax deduction and let me tell you. That's alot of money for Mexico, mostly for me!

I fainted, then came back to life, then fainted again when I knew I wasn't having bad dreams with the tax deduction, and what have I done 3 days before? I gave my parents a birthday present, unlimitted budget trip to wherever they wanted to go.


Stoopid taxes!! Me and my big humongous mouth!!! Gaaaaaah!

-Gasping air-

So after finding this atrocity I had to claim this...this....thing to the payroll guy who with his drooling mouth and flies flying around him answered that it was a regular yearly readjustment for all of our salaries (my ass) and that some of us got it and some of us didn't (my ass). I demand a clearer explanation for this...this...atrocity!!!!

I know it's all Nutter Industries Fault, I just know it! A few hours later the Gral. Mgrs. Admin comes to my desk and asks me for 10 cents to borrow because she wants to take out hot cocoa for her boss.


After you, this crappy ass company took out 20 bucks from my paycheck you want to steal away from me 10 cents for the boss's hot cocoa?

This is going into public record!


$20.10 and counting!!!

-Gasping air-

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Note to Self!


So I had a 3 day weekend and it was fabulous, except for a few other things that really pissed me off.

1- I totally forget how pushy and nosy my parents are that every time I invite them to eat outside they need to know how much the check was and then start making faces and doing expressions about how expensive the restaurant was. I definitely think BT and my parents should have been family.

2- Waiters piss me off. When I ask for water is either because I am choking with the dry food they have served me or I’m so thirsty, either ways, I need water RIGHT NOW NOT TOMORROW!

3- Crossing the US border is always pissful, yes pissful, not peaceful, pissful; why you ask? Stupid border inspectors don’t know what secondary inspection is, so they decide to turn a 30 minute waiting line into a 1 hour and 50 minute waiting line because they want to check each and every car they look at. Do I look like a damn drug dealer to you?? I have my parents with me dammit!!! And that little bag contains medication for my father’s heart condition…No don’t take it away, dammit!!

4- Went to a little store to Seaport Village on Saturday and I saw a few accessories I liked, I asked the woman behind the counter if those accessories were real silver and she nodded, then asked “what did you think it was?” I turned into Piss Mode and I answered “Fake, that’s why I asked, because they LOOK FAKE!” Damn racists!!!!!

Anyhow I got me a great deal on all about cats store with a 75% disccount on a cookie jar and of course the whole store was 75% off and of course I wanted to take the whole store incluing the owner's cat which was pregnant with lil kitties...Sooo cute!

5- I got some killer new highlights which totally rock, and they look real pretty. Now ask me if I’ll ever do it again? Hell NO! it took the guy 4 hours to do my highlights and over a hundred bucks, you’ll think a hundred bucks for a hair cut and some highlights is cheap. Well, not my precious time it is!!

4 friggin hours?!?!?!!

Oh hell no!!!!

6- Went to a gay bar last friday, let me tell you, I ain't no gay, but I sure loved the environment there, so free and so ... free

Note to self: this might be my common place to hang out and have fun without being interrupted by creeps wanting to hit on me. Well unless there are some creepy looking chicks, then I'll be getting back to straight bars.
Happy Sunday Everyone!

PS: Oh yeah, the killer new highlights!

Oohhh and the cute Kitty cookie Jar!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The BT Likes to be Spanked!

If I knew back then...

Who would know that BT likes to be treated like crap so he can be nice and sweet and tender and lovable just like a BF should act.

He's demanding his title of BF back, but he is not getting it, period!

Thursday night he calls me from outside and asks me if I ate already, I said no, then he said "good, don't eat anything because I brought dinner and I'm on the way to the store to get some beer".


And he was for real.

While finishing dinner:

Me: I'm sleepy, didn't get much sleep last night

BT: What did you do?

Me: I went to the movies last night with some friends

BT: Which friends are those? Men or women?

Me: What's the difference? They're friends

BT: Male friends start asking girls out for the movies, then it comes a dinner invitation and after that something else.

Me: Yup, probably....this kabob you broght is very delicious.

BT: So I should date other women too huh?

Me: Definitely, I don't know why you're not doing it now.

BT: Stopped eating and dropped his fork

Me: Are you going to eat that? Can I have it?

BT: All yours.

Me: (Huge grin) YAY!

Yoli- 2
BT - 0

Oh yes, the BT is going DOWN!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And the Word of the Day Is!


Oh yes, what a wonderful word, I'm starting to love it not just like it. For a start, right after the termination between BF and I (by the way BF will be known as BT from now on)things had turned out to be pretty well:

BT: I'm hungry

Me: Change me the water bottle and I'll give you food.

BT: Dinner was delicious

Me: Good, the dishes are all yours, I'll go do my manicure now

BT: Can you please do my payments for the month over the internet?

Me: Sure, that will be 40 bucks please... in advance.

BT: I don't have shampoo anymore, or shaving cream, actually I don't even have money to eat tomorrow I forgot to go to the bank.

Me: Don't look at me. Not my problem kiddo!

BT: My neck is killing me (sad puppy face)

Me: Give me a good orgasm and you might get a modest massage.

Saturday night my dad read the tarot cards for me and turned out I'm going to have a marriage proposal sometime around I don't know but soon which sounds pretty nice, and also I'm going to cheat on someone, that sounds even better, it was about time I started to be naughty.

And the best of all, I asked my dad if I was going to go on long way trip this year, it turned out I'm going to the Patagonia!!!

He sent me to the Patagoniaaaaaa!!!


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Last night was the IT of all ITS! But to be brave I had to drink a full glass of alcoholic egg nog that was hiding around in my kitchen cabinets.

We had dinner, I all drunk and stupid was eating like an idiot while listening to BF telling me about how a 50 year old woman was hitting on him and basically wanted to rape him.

Anyway, after he finished telling his tragical drama/comedy I…began to speak! So actually all I said to him was “I” because I couldn’t say more, I was already crying like a Daisy and I didn’t even say the first word and stopped; BF was wondering what the hell was wrong with me besides being drunk; so after weeping my eyes out I finished the “I…think we should stop seeing each other”.

Yes finally I said it, BF was not expecting it, or maybe he was, he’s been asking me what’s wrong with me since Christmas eve and I have answered “Nothing, now leave me alone” all the time, so maybe that’s why he didn’t look so surprised.

BF asked me why did I say that, so I just spit out everything, yup just how I felt he treated me, I didn’t know what he was doing with me if he didn’t care, so I told him I knew he was just taking advantage of me, otherwise what other reason would there be to be with me.

After listening, BF calmly told me he would do what ever I wanted to do, if I didn’t want to see him again he would accept it but he thought I was not being fair because he really didn’t feel that way, and he was not taking advantage of me; so I asked him why then? He didn’t want to tell me at fist, he just told me “I am with you because of many reasons I am not going to tell you, I don’t want to tell you” So I had to force him by telling him that was BS, he was lying that I was right, he was really taking advantage of me.

Then he had no other choice and told me the reason, while his voice was breaking and turned his eyes away from me and put his hands on his face so I couldn’t see him; while covering his face he told me I was the only woman he knew that could understand him, that was able to talk freely without any arguments, that he felt my support all the time and he never felt that before, that I was the smartest girl he had ever met and the only one that has treated him good in all his life.

If he was acting, he’s good! If he wasn’t then why did he keep all of those things to himself and never told me that?

Anyway, still I had the decision of terminating the relatinship, although it’s very hard for me I wanted to make it easy on both of us, especially me and I offered him to keep seeing in each other but the only thing that would change is that him and I were not going to be exclusive anymore, that way both of us could give ourselves the chance to meet other people seriously without hurting each other.

He didn’t agree with it, he said if we’re going to be together we are going to be together, I don’t like it any other way, but he had to accept it, him and I have different targets in life; my target in life is to find someone that I can share my life with and all my life’s goals would be with that person beside me and be happy. His target in life, buy a house, make a business and maybe someday have a serious relationship or even marry but he hardly doubts it.

I’m sorry to hear that I told him but that’s the way things are. He asked me if I was going to have sex with other men because if I was he was not going to be with me.

Of course I told him no, but of course I AM LYING!!

What am I stupid?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

You Can Call Me The Baking Freak!

behold baking freak...

I don't know what has happened to me since I got of for christmas vacation, but I have turned into a baking freak all of a sudden and really, really seriously thinking of opening a catering business of my own.

Unfortunately my idea of buying me that mango tree land is going to have to wait until I save some money with my catering business so I can get it.

I've baked like crazy I tell you, and basically I have broken my body, my arms and I think I have developed new muscles in my back from all that kneading; bad thing I have baked so much now I have nobody to give all the goodies and not so goodies to anybody, well except for the butter cookies that disapeared within 3 days.

So far the only things that have been baking failures were some cinnamon buns I tried making that turned out into deadly cinnamon stones, so as a punishment I ate them all. Oh that and also a loaf of bread, they were hard as a rock I tell you; but I won't complain, it was my very first time trying to make some bread, but with the practice something had to go right, right? So last night I baked a loaf of salt bread which turned out to be pretty damn good for the second time of trying, and really didn't know the secret was in the kneading.

So now I found a new way to exercise my upper body...Knead like crazy you woman!!!! Damn I'm going to be so proud of my triceps, biceps and upper back in a few months.

Also I have pondered about this new habit I have adopted, and I remember when the first time I started to have troubles with my ex boyfriend, that is when I learned how to cook; this time I'm learning how to bake, although I don't have serious problems with BF is obvious it was very uncomfortable that behaviour of his on the night of the 24 of december and I'm trying to concentrate my mind on kneading my brains off to not think about ripping BF's head off, although is very therapeutic because when I'm kneading my doughs I'm thinking of punching BF in the groin til he turns green. Hmm, guess is not working huh?

Now going back to the catering business, I've downloaded all these recipies that can really work out, but I have a problem, I'm extremly shy when it comes to me showing something to the public.

I have no idea how am I going to start a business with me being all shy like a damn turtle.

Better start thinking of something.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday Hump!

What a way to start to year off..sheesssshhhh…

This morning I was running late, I always, aaaalways check if there isn’t any police cars around so I can skip the stop signs, well it so happened I got my very first ticket in my whole life and it feels bad.

Good thing is, I can get a 50% discount if I pay the fine within 3 days so I hope it doesn’t cost me much.


In other news, I’m still having contact with this guy I started flirting with and well we were going to meet in Puerto Vallarta for spring break, now he’s so anxious to meet me he wants to come and see me for a quickie.

He is hilarious I tell you!

Oh the BF? Never mind him, he’s somewhere around, I don’t know, somewhere, although I feel kinda bad for him, he’s taking the test to get his citizenship on January 19, plus he just got his yearly review at his current job so he’s pretty happy about it. I’m pretty happy about him too.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and I realized that BF and I are going to be very difficult to finish the relationship we’re currently having, although is not much of a relationship because he sees me when he sees me but really doesn’t take care of me, it’s weird. Anyway, I think we are pretty good friends in deed and it will be very hard to end up in bad terms, because that’s what I’m wishing for, to end up in bad terms, so I don’t have to see him ever again. BF says if we ever break up he wants to remain friends, I never do that, and he’s not going to be the exception, just having skeletons in the closet doesn’t let me live my life the way I want. So basically we are just friends with benefits, and it will remain that way until either of us get tired of each other, that’s the only excuse I give BF for being with me the way he is, and that way I don’t feel bad about what I’m doing.

So, there goes my friend the BF and there goes my other horny friend that now wants to see me, for a quickie!

Again, he is hilarious I tell ya!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I’m Zizzlin’ Hot!

Bring the broiler….

The gift of flirting, I totally forgot all about it, and I needed it so badly these past weeks. Definitely boots the ego to know we as girls have that power of making a man fantasizing about us with just a word.

I started IM with a friend I haven’t spoken to in a long time and we had a great time playing with words.

Yup, this is what I need to get going.

Monday Morning:

BF while putting on his socks: Tell me, have you seem a man as nice and good looking like me?

Me: Oh believe me, I’ve seen better.

Aannnd, it looks like one of BF’s nephews is about to become America’s Most wanted. Tuesday night BF told me how the older nephew Mr. King Kong was arrested for drunk driving and high speeding on the streets, King Kong still needs to go to court and be filed for several other hit and runs and a police car chase with helicopters.

Yes, with helicopters.

And, he was drunk.

See, when I say the nephews are stupid it is because they are really stupid.

I hope stupidity doesn’t run in the family.

Happy Thursday Everyone!