Monday, December 12, 2005

Yoli’s How to be in Two Places at Once!

Lesson 1

Thursday Evening:

4:00 pm Had cake with boss

4:30 pm: Ran to my car to get home and change shoes

5:00 pm: Off to airport and pick up mom and dad

6:00 pm: I’m not there yet

6:10 pm: Hopped parents into car and off to home

6:45 pm: Dropped them off at their house

6:50 pm: Get home, change shoes

7:00 pm: Pull BF from shirt and hop him on the car and off to the stinkin’ birthday dinner.

7:45 pm: Got to restaurant, apologized to boss, sat infront of General Manager who was totally drunk and out of his mind, asked for 2 glasses of different wines without drinking one, smiling silly at a joke we half heard.

8:00 pm: Said goodbye and off we went.

The End.

And that people, is how to be in two places at once.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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