Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Saga of The Pumpkin Banana Bread!

And the miscommunication begins...

See how communication is basics in human relations, you over hear something and everything goees wrong. Well, tomorrow is my boss's birthday and it so happens one of the assistants here told me he was not coming tomorrow, so as he is so pissed at me because I didn't go to their stinking christmas party I wanted to compensate it by baking him my favorite Pumpkin Banana bread.

Everything was cool until I forgot to wrap it with a nice bow, so I had to ask that assistant for help on getting a piece of lace or something to fix a bow, I had to tell her I baked a loaf bread for my boss to give him as a birthday present. When I came down with all the accessories to fix the bread, I heard one of the guys in the department my boss was not coming to work today, so that freaked me out, I thought it was a missunderstanding, so I called the assistant again and asked her if it was true, she said she would ask the General Manager about it.

5 minutes later the assistant calls me and asks me if the loaf bread was only for my boss or was it supposed to be for everyone in the office, I told her it was for him but if he wanted to share with the rest of the people it was his choice.

Here it begins:

Assistant: Oh, um, what happens is that I told the General Manager that you brought your boss a surprise cake, and so he will call your boss and ask him to come over to celebrate.


Me: Girl, it's only a loaf bread for Pete's sake, is not a cake, is not enough!!

Anyway, I thought that was that and everybody was going to forget all about it, until 3 hours later one of the managers comes down and tells the guy who told me earlier my boss was not coming that my boss was coming at noon for a surprise cake!!


I freak out, I call the assistand and ask her, WTF is going on? Is this surprise cake gathering thing everybody's talking about is about my loaf bread? And the assistant just answered "I suppose so".


Then I had to clear her the size of the loaf bread that is definitely not enough for even 3 people, and that she should find the way to fix the huge mistake she made. To what she said she would fix it right away.

Fortunately, the HR people love parties at anytime so they didn't complain about being told they needed to get a cake ASAP for my boss.

Now everybody is happy, my banana bread will only be for my boss as planned, and I'm eating cake at 4 pm


Case solved!

Now another issue!

My boss birthday dinner is today at 6; my parents come back from their vacation today at 6 and I have to pick them up at the airport.

I should split myself in half at the same time.

I don't have any other choice but to go, the invitation said "You must be thursday at said restaurant by 6 pm sharp"

Super Craaaappp!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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