Monday, December 05, 2005

Reason #Trizillion I Love My Country!

Except for people at the parking spaces...MORROONNNNSSS!!

Ok, back to the title...

I was browsing the internet on saturday and I saw this report on CNN where they are say how George Bush wants to change the name "Christmas Tree" to "Holiday Tree" because he doesn't want people from other religions to be upset. I may ask now I know other religions don't celebrate Christmas so what's the big fuzz anyway?

So now, did everyeone put up their Holiday Tree already?


Good thing in my country President Fox hasn't done that crazy crap and I think he won't do it either (although I wouldn't mind anyway 'cause I hate christmas itself), he's too damn busy trying to kill corruption in my country and those police people from the AFI to stop kitnapping government people and killing journalists.

Anyway I'm soooo expecting this Holiday...yeah that sounds smore like it. Now if only Bush would make the radio stations stop putting christmas carols I would be soooo happy!!!!

But I think that ain't gonna happen this year.

What is happening is my boss is not around today, and that makes me a happy little grouch.


Happy Monday Everyone!

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