Friday, December 30, 2005


Oh Baby did that hurt? Awww...

I didn't pay much attention to my house after the Persian Military came to eat all the things I made because really I was dead but when I woke up Monday morning...


Sigh...It will pass, I'll just clean that up and it will pass...yes...deep breath Yoli, deep breath...ok...good now.

I go into the bedroom to serve breakfast in bed (yes I'm all that sweet and tender all the time even when somebody doesn't deserve it) and while we finished our breakfast:

BF: The bathroom and the house is so dirty, is extremely dirty

Me: Oh, well that's what happens when people doesn't know how to use a restroom and how to live in a septic environment such as mine (grin)

BF: So you're saying my family did all of that?

Me: Well, your family were the only ones who made it, my parents are not as filthy you know, they know how to keep a house clean. Speaking of my parents, my father thought your nephews were extremely rude yesterday because they were laughing too hard and well, we all thought they were mocking at my father.

BF: I told you they were not mocking at your dad, they were mocking at my brother, he's always trying to be the center of attention.

Me: Oh, so they really were mocking, I thought your culture was more conservative regarding respect to the adults, and I am wondering how is it that you and your brothers are so respectful and your nephews turned out to be such idiots.

BF: Don't call them like that, they're very smart and they are young, they like to have fun and mock...

Me: At people, I don't think smart people mock at others conversations, on the contrary they listen so they learn, they don't mock.

BF: They're kids, you should understand

Me: The only thing I understand is that in my house nobody behaves that way, it's totally disrespectful, they don't have education or any kind of good manners, they're like animals, I don't like them and I don't want them to come here anymore do you hear?...And they are totally not kids anymore, one is a grown teenager and the other one is an adult, I never did behave that way at that age.

BF: Well they behaved like that because your father and my brother would not stop talking, they took away the conversation for themselves, is not right, the "kids" get tired like that, we all get tired like that.

Me: Well that's because you all are not interested in cultivating yourselves with those conversations, the only one interested there was your brother, at least he's the only one interested in learning something.

And...It's my damn house and I can keep it as dirty and filthy as I want; you're throught with those eggs? I'm still hungry.

--BF's family list of banned people--
1 Brother in Law
2 Newphews

Who will be next?

Happy Fri/Saturday Everyone!

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