Thursday, December 15, 2005

Looong Week...Loooonnnng!


I can't believe we are not out of this week yet, I'm totally sick again with this stupid sore throat and mucus and everthing disgusting about flu. And the week is so looooonng. I just need it to end.

We're having a company shutdown next week, thrusday the 22nd will be our last day and we'll be back on the 3rd of January, how neat is that? Bad thing is the company is taking away 5 days of our yearly vacation to fill in the days we are not going to come to work.

That sucks!

If I ever planned to go somewhere for 2 weeks next year, well the plan is over now, I'll see what I will do for the puny 5 days I have left, probably I'll end up doing the same as I did this year, take one day at a a time.

What ever!

In other news:

I found my ex BF on the internet the other day, the egiptian guy I am so planning to go visit one of these days when I have tons of money so I can go and spend a dream week with him. Well, it so happens he's willing to pay me the plane ticket and the expenses for the trip so I can go visit him, like right now.

How cool is that? But I'm worried, so worried I haven't been able to sleep well ever since he told me that, but last night I had the answer coming to me, and so if it ever happens that it is really true I am going to visit ex BF at the begining of 2006 then I'll make the biggest decision of my life.


Happy Thursday Everyone!

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