Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Humps on Humpday!

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Closing month like any other month is the same crap, crap that keeps piling up and there's no end to it. I may now start to think to get an assistant for myself haha! Now that assistants are the new "black" everybody at Nutter Industries wants one, so why not I get a new assistant too right?

Anyway, my parents are coming back tomorrow from their glorious honeymoon, and I like a little girl would have loooved to go and screw up their free time haha! Too bad I'm not a little girl anymore and I have to work, otherwise I would have been there since a long time now.

My cousin now is going to spend christmas in lovely Spain, WTF, how come she's so young and she gets to go to all the cool places and I have to stay here...working!

That sucks big time!!

Anyway, I'll only have a week off in two weeks and the only way I can think of I will be spending that free time is by cleaning up my house, it really needs some deep cleaning 'cause it's filthy, filled with dust mites everywhere, I just can't stand breathing there dammit!


BF caught a cold, well he caught it from me, hehe, now he has to suffer, and I left him alone in the house to take care of himself...that will teach him to appreciate me more when I'm around..


Ok, back to closing month, crap!

Happy Humpday Everyone!

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