Saturday, December 03, 2005

Chrsitmas Spirit My A.S.S!

If the shoe fits, go read blogs somewhere else...I'm not here to entertain you.

I just came back from the supermarket, believe me, today I was feeling in a very cheery mood, I'm even wearing my cute lili color hat, but as soon as I was about to park my car in the supermarket parking lot I see what people call it "The Christmas Rush".


If I was not the kind of person I am now, I would be still waiting for someone to yield me a piece of area where I could fit my big ass car to get in or out of the stupid parking lot.


Oh so simple...because you people are moooorrrooonnnnnsss that's why! You think everybody is like you and you want to be first in EVERYTHING!!!

First to steal line to pay, first to get into a parking space although there were people waiting for that spot for minutes, first to get out of the stupid parking lot, first to get the best piece of meat on the counter even if that means poking the eyes of the one who saw it first.


What happened to mankind? I want the answer right now so I prevent myself from killing the first civilian that will cross eyesight with me!!!

I don't understand, why you people have to be so rude and mean and incosiderate towards everybody around you, who the hell do you think you are anyway?? You're just another human being who was brought to this world by your parents selfishness to have a cute little toy to play with, but the only problem is that your parents never noticed you would grow and they would raise a monster, an inconsiderate, egocentric, selfish human being just like your parents, and your parents parents, and your parents parents parents and that's what you're doing now, those of you who have children, making those same kind of poeple you are now or even worst because you THINK you deserve everything there is and everybody should bow at your selfishness!!


I am not taking crap from YOU!


Instead of really celebrating a date when salvation was within us you would not be buying that stupid christmas tree to keep deteriorating mother earth or buying presents for the poeple you think they deserve to be gifted and depending of the range of importance to YOU you will give them the most expensive present there is, so YOU can get a raise, or YOU can get more favors from that other person who you're giving the stupid present to. You wouldn't be doing any of that crap you're doing now if you really understood what salvation of the spirit means.

Merchandising is what all you people are doing, buying, buying, buying, and distroying everything!!

You fucking people just don't get it, and when you will it will be too late for your damn soul to be saved from your own selfishness and what you have created around you and you do you know what will happen?

Why do you think there are more diseases that can't be cured? Why do you think the world is coming apart? Why do you think your kids are born the way they are and now they start killing each other at the age of 8, 9, 10??!!??

Did you know is all your fault?


Happy Fucking Saturday Everyone!

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