Monday, December 19, 2005

Boogers Anyone?


With all the flu going all around us these past few weeks, it had to catch me, yup again, and I really believe that between those green boogers of mine my brain has been drained out of my nostrils; I know this because tomorrow is BF's birthday and I had no idea it will be tomorrow and I have no idea what to give him, so I just blew it on him and told him, I'll give you the tools you need for your birthday but I don't know what kind of tools you need so I'll just take you wherever tools are being sold and buy them for you and that will be your bithday gift.

That and I think a last minute birthday card and a last minute birthday cake bought at the bakery on the corner tomorrow after work.

I just don't have the brains to think, or at least that's what I want to think to take as an excuse to not think about birthdays.


More of the last minute birthday later on...this week or something

Happy one day before BF's birthday everyone!

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