Friday, December 30, 2005


Oh Baby did that hurt? Awww...

I didn't pay much attention to my house after the Persian Military came to eat all the things I made because really I was dead but when I woke up Monday morning...


Sigh...It will pass, I'll just clean that up and it will pass...yes...deep breath Yoli, deep breath...ok...good now.

I go into the bedroom to serve breakfast in bed (yes I'm all that sweet and tender all the time even when somebody doesn't deserve it) and while we finished our breakfast:

BF: The bathroom and the house is so dirty, is extremely dirty

Me: Oh, well that's what happens when people doesn't know how to use a restroom and how to live in a septic environment such as mine (grin)

BF: So you're saying my family did all of that?

Me: Well, your family were the only ones who made it, my parents are not as filthy you know, they know how to keep a house clean. Speaking of my parents, my father thought your nephews were extremely rude yesterday because they were laughing too hard and well, we all thought they were mocking at my father.

BF: I told you they were not mocking at your dad, they were mocking at my brother, he's always trying to be the center of attention.

Me: Oh, so they really were mocking, I thought your culture was more conservative regarding respect to the adults, and I am wondering how is it that you and your brothers are so respectful and your nephews turned out to be such idiots.

BF: Don't call them like that, they're very smart and they are young, they like to have fun and mock...

Me: At people, I don't think smart people mock at others conversations, on the contrary they listen so they learn, they don't mock.

BF: They're kids, you should understand

Me: The only thing I understand is that in my house nobody behaves that way, it's totally disrespectful, they don't have education or any kind of good manners, they're like animals, I don't like them and I don't want them to come here anymore do you hear?...And they are totally not kids anymore, one is a grown teenager and the other one is an adult, I never did behave that way at that age.

BF: Well they behaved like that because your father and my brother would not stop talking, they took away the conversation for themselves, is not right, the "kids" get tired like that, we all get tired like that.

Me: Well that's because you all are not interested in cultivating yourselves with those conversations, the only one interested there was your brother, at least he's the only one interested in learning something.

And...It's my damn house and I can keep it as dirty and filthy as I want; you're throught with those eggs? I'm still hungry.

--BF's family list of banned people--
1 Brother in Law
2 Newphews

Who will be next?

Happy Fri/Saturday Everyone!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Is Gone Already?

Thank heavens...

Oh yes the christmas acceleration is over now, and I am feeling so happy, I don't have to deal with crap like christmas dinners or christmas crap and crap.

Anyway, I have always pondered about my life in every aspect of it and I am really amazed why am I still alive and well when all the time I am planning or thinking of planning on something everything goes the other way around and it ends up bad, and I mean really, really bad.

So me and my mom were planning to not do anything for christmas, well at least I was planning on not doing anything but my mother is so christmasy this time of year, she just can't let christmas go by without doing anything, so she convinced me to do a little something although insignificant, we planned to fix a special mexican bun called "Pambazo", which is really cheap and delicious and not much of a big fuzz to make either. So we had that plan up and running until thurday night, when BF came to visit and told me he was bringing his sister with him to spend christmas with us, I thought, well no problem, we're just having Pambazos for dinner and nothing else, so again BF tells me he wants to have his family gathered together for christmas day to have lunch, all his family was really not all of his family but part of them, still there were too many for me to see in one day.

As you all know I'm a hermmit and I don't like people, and worst, I don't like people all together gathering and being happy, and I was going to have that, on the 25th of December, for lunch, 8 people, together, eating, gathering, talking, messing up my house, going to my bathroom.



Ok, let's forget about that, that's not a big problem I'll just take some valium and forget all about it till Monday and I'm sure everything will be ok. Right? Right??!!!


BF gives me a hundred bucks to spend on that lunch gathering thingy but also said he wants seafood lasagna for saturday night besides the Pambazos and I'm thinking, a hundred bucks? WTF am I only getting cheap meat and some bread from the salvation army to feed these people? I'm going to need more than that.

So on Friday I went to 3 different grocerie stores plus a special butcher shop because BF wants lamb meat, he doesn't want any kind of meat he needs lamb meat, and not just regular lamb meat, he needs the thigs, the expensive side. Anyway, I go to 3 different stores, plus the butcher shop, then come right home and start baking some cookies for snacking and spent all day preparing for Sunday.

BF calls me friday night and asks me what I did and gave him the long list of stuff I did and he bares to ask me why am I doing all of that, that's too much, how much did you spend?! 300 dlls??!!!! That's alot of money, I didn't tell you to spend all that money, ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?.

Excuse me...did I hear right?

I am trying to make it a very nice lunch for the entire family so they can feel happy and comfortable and well served and the man asks me why am I doing all that much?!


So after we hung up I was really feeling the worst in the world, and I couldn't resist bringing myself back to 7 years ago, when I had a beauiful relationship with a man that was the most important person in my life, just as I was for him, I was sure about him because he always assured me what I was for him, I was his whole world, I was his queen, I was his universe, I was his whole life. And I remember very well every time I did something new he used to tell me he wished to be right there with me to share all those beautiful things together.

Still with those memories, the lunch went ahead, BF came home with his sister on Saturday night and apologized to me for yelling at me on the phone. I told him it was ok, but it's not true, I'm saving all those little things he's doing in a little bag that I am filling up little by little and when the right time comes I'll throw it all on him, I swear he's going to pay for it dearly.

The family was so pleased and happy with all the goodies I have prepared to make the day more joyable, I put a happy face, I laughed, I cheered, I even enjoyed their company, and of course when the day ended I said "I hope this isn't the last time you all are coming to visit, you are more than welcome to come back any time".

And as soon as I closed the door, and BF and I were alone I said:

"It's the last time you're family puts a step inside my house"

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2005

It’s 11:30 pm, and I’m sitting here waiting for you to log in; I haven’t felt good in over a week thinking of you. Last night I took out the ring you gave me 5 years ago and still feels like it was yesterday when we were happy, and still feels as if I am living in a bad dream that I can’t wake up from.

I received a call from my BF a few minutes ago that made me extremely angry, I know it is stupid but it’s really important for me to know I am doing at least something right with him, but I feel that as much as I try to please him in one way or another he is never happy.

We’re having a Christmas dinner and he arbitrarily invited his sister and his family to spend Christmas with us and as always I don’t have the courage to tell him I don’t want anything with them. Still I managed in a good way to be polite and tell him it was alright; then he calls me tonight and asks me what did I do and when I told him all I have prepared for his family he answers me in a bad way why am I doing all those meaningful things.

I know that if I told you everything I am preparing for your family you wouldn’t act that way, you would tell me “thank you baby, you are great, I can’t wait to try all those wonderful things you made with your hands” Just like you always used to say when I told you I fixed something new and I wanted so badly you would be here beside me to enjoy it together.

God how I miss you, I miss all your ways; I’m resisting so much from picking up the phone and call you and tell you how much I love you and that I would give my whole life just to be with you right now but unfortunately my destiny is not like that.

If I call you right now I will feel much worst than I already feel, my heart is aching for your sweet words.

You know, ever since we’re apart the last time I heard an I love you was 3 years ago, the last time I heard I’m your whole world was 3 years ago, the last time I heard an I need you was 3 years ago…It really hurts to not hear those words again.

I don’t know what have I done to deserve this but I am paying a good price, and every single day I pray god to forgive me for any wrong I’ve done and keep me out of this misery.

I know one day he will hear me.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Rate My....Life?

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.4
Mind: 7.4
Body: 7.3
Spirit: 7.1
Friends/Family: 3
Love: 1.5
Finance: 8.1
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

See this? Is all about me

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Boogers Anyone?


With all the flu going all around us these past few weeks, it had to catch me, yup again, and I really believe that between those green boogers of mine my brain has been drained out of my nostrils; I know this because tomorrow is BF's birthday and I had no idea it will be tomorrow and I have no idea what to give him, so I just blew it on him and told him, I'll give you the tools you need for your birthday but I don't know what kind of tools you need so I'll just take you wherever tools are being sold and buy them for you and that will be your bithday gift.

That and I think a last minute birthday card and a last minute birthday cake bought at the bakery on the corner tomorrow after work.

I just don't have the brains to think, or at least that's what I want to think to take as an excuse to not think about birthdays.


More of the last minute birthday later on...this week or something

Happy one day before BF's birthday everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

The results of your analysis say:

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough.
You are negative, fearful, resistant, doubtful, and/or selfish.
You are not very reserved, impatient, self-confident and fond of action.
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.


Looong Week...Loooonnnng!


I can't believe we are not out of this week yet, I'm totally sick again with this stupid sore throat and mucus and everthing disgusting about flu. And the week is so looooonng. I just need it to end.

We're having a company shutdown next week, thrusday the 22nd will be our last day and we'll be back on the 3rd of January, how neat is that? Bad thing is the company is taking away 5 days of our yearly vacation to fill in the days we are not going to come to work.

That sucks!

If I ever planned to go somewhere for 2 weeks next year, well the plan is over now, I'll see what I will do for the puny 5 days I have left, probably I'll end up doing the same as I did this year, take one day at a a time.

What ever!

In other news:

I found my ex BF on the internet the other day, the egiptian guy I am so planning to go visit one of these days when I have tons of money so I can go and spend a dream week with him. Well, it so happens he's willing to pay me the plane ticket and the expenses for the trip so I can go visit him, like right now.

How cool is that? But I'm worried, so worried I haven't been able to sleep well ever since he told me that, but last night I had the answer coming to me, and so if it ever happens that it is really true I am going to visit ex BF at the begining of 2006 then I'll make the biggest decision of my life.


Happy Thursday Everyone!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Yoli’s How to be in Two Places at Once!

Lesson 1

Thursday Evening:

4:00 pm Had cake with boss

4:30 pm: Ran to my car to get home and change shoes

5:00 pm: Off to airport and pick up mom and dad

6:00 pm: I’m not there yet

6:10 pm: Hopped parents into car and off to home

6:45 pm: Dropped them off at their house

6:50 pm: Get home, change shoes

7:00 pm: Pull BF from shirt and hop him on the car and off to the stinkin’ birthday dinner.

7:45 pm: Got to restaurant, apologized to boss, sat infront of General Manager who was totally drunk and out of his mind, asked for 2 glasses of different wines without drinking one, smiling silly at a joke we half heard.

8:00 pm: Said goodbye and off we went.

The End.

And that people, is how to be in two places at once.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Saga of The Pumpkin Banana Bread!

And the miscommunication begins...

See how communication is basics in human relations, you over hear something and everything goees wrong. Well, tomorrow is my boss's birthday and it so happens one of the assistants here told me he was not coming tomorrow, so as he is so pissed at me because I didn't go to their stinking christmas party I wanted to compensate it by baking him my favorite Pumpkin Banana bread.

Everything was cool until I forgot to wrap it with a nice bow, so I had to ask that assistant for help on getting a piece of lace or something to fix a bow, I had to tell her I baked a loaf bread for my boss to give him as a birthday present. When I came down with all the accessories to fix the bread, I heard one of the guys in the department my boss was not coming to work today, so that freaked me out, I thought it was a missunderstanding, so I called the assistant again and asked her if it was true, she said she would ask the General Manager about it.

5 minutes later the assistant calls me and asks me if the loaf bread was only for my boss or was it supposed to be for everyone in the office, I told her it was for him but if he wanted to share with the rest of the people it was his choice.

Here it begins:

Assistant: Oh, um, what happens is that I told the General Manager that you brought your boss a surprise cake, and so he will call your boss and ask him to come over to celebrate.


Me: Girl, it's only a loaf bread for Pete's sake, is not a cake, is not enough!!

Anyway, I thought that was that and everybody was going to forget all about it, until 3 hours later one of the managers comes down and tells the guy who told me earlier my boss was not coming that my boss was coming at noon for a surprise cake!!


I freak out, I call the assistand and ask her, WTF is going on? Is this surprise cake gathering thing everybody's talking about is about my loaf bread? And the assistant just answered "I suppose so".


Then I had to clear her the size of the loaf bread that is definitely not enough for even 3 people, and that she should find the way to fix the huge mistake she made. To what she said she would fix it right away.

Fortunately, the HR people love parties at anytime so they didn't complain about being told they needed to get a cake ASAP for my boss.

Now everybody is happy, my banana bread will only be for my boss as planned, and I'm eating cake at 4 pm


Case solved!

Now another issue!

My boss birthday dinner is today at 6; my parents come back from their vacation today at 6 and I have to pick them up at the airport.

I should split myself in half at the same time.

I don't have any other choice but to go, the invitation said "You must be thursday at said restaurant by 6 pm sharp"

Super Craaaappp!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Humps on Humpday!

No comments...

Closing month like any other month is the same crap, crap that keeps piling up and there's no end to it. I may now start to think to get an assistant for myself haha! Now that assistants are the new "black" everybody at Nutter Industries wants one, so why not I get a new assistant too right?

Anyway, my parents are coming back tomorrow from their glorious honeymoon, and I like a little girl would have loooved to go and screw up their free time haha! Too bad I'm not a little girl anymore and I have to work, otherwise I would have been there since a long time now.

My cousin now is going to spend christmas in lovely Spain, WTF, how come she's so young and she gets to go to all the cool places and I have to stay here...working!

That sucks big time!!

Anyway, I'll only have a week off in two weeks and the only way I can think of I will be spending that free time is by cleaning up my house, it really needs some deep cleaning 'cause it's filthy, filled with dust mites everywhere, I just can't stand breathing there dammit!


BF caught a cold, well he caught it from me, hehe, now he has to suffer, and I left him alone in the house to take care of himself...that will teach him to appreciate me more when I'm around..


Ok, back to closing month, crap!

Happy Humpday Everyone!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Reason #Trizillion I Love My Country!

Except for people at the parking spaces...MORROONNNNSSS!!

Ok, back to the title...

I was browsing the internet on saturday and I saw this report on CNN where they are say how George Bush wants to change the name "Christmas Tree" to "Holiday Tree" because he doesn't want people from other religions to be upset. I may ask now I know other religions don't celebrate Christmas so what's the big fuzz anyway?

So now, did everyeone put up their Holiday Tree already?


Good thing in my country President Fox hasn't done that crazy crap and I think he won't do it either (although I wouldn't mind anyway 'cause I hate christmas itself), he's too damn busy trying to kill corruption in my country and those police people from the AFI to stop kitnapping government people and killing journalists.

Anyway I'm soooo expecting this Holiday...yeah that sounds smore like it. Now if only Bush would make the radio stations stop putting christmas carols I would be soooo happy!!!!

But I think that ain't gonna happen this year.

What is happening is my boss is not around today, and that makes me a happy little grouch.


Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Chrsitmas Spirit My A.S.S!

If the shoe fits, go read blogs somewhere else...I'm not here to entertain you.

I just came back from the supermarket, believe me, today I was feeling in a very cheery mood, I'm even wearing my cute lili color hat, but as soon as I was about to park my car in the supermarket parking lot I see what people call it "The Christmas Rush".


If I was not the kind of person I am now, I would be still waiting for someone to yield me a piece of area where I could fit my big ass car to get in or out of the stupid parking lot.


Oh so simple...because you people are moooorrrooonnnnnsss that's why! You think everybody is like you and you want to be first in EVERYTHING!!!

First to steal line to pay, first to get into a parking space although there were people waiting for that spot for minutes, first to get out of the stupid parking lot, first to get the best piece of meat on the counter even if that means poking the eyes of the one who saw it first.


What happened to mankind? I want the answer right now so I prevent myself from killing the first civilian that will cross eyesight with me!!!

I don't understand, why you people have to be so rude and mean and incosiderate towards everybody around you, who the hell do you think you are anyway?? You're just another human being who was brought to this world by your parents selfishness to have a cute little toy to play with, but the only problem is that your parents never noticed you would grow and they would raise a monster, an inconsiderate, egocentric, selfish human being just like your parents, and your parents parents, and your parents parents parents and that's what you're doing now, those of you who have children, making those same kind of poeple you are now or even worst because you THINK you deserve everything there is and everybody should bow at your selfishness!!


I am not taking crap from YOU!


Instead of really celebrating a date when salvation was within us you would not be buying that stupid christmas tree to keep deteriorating mother earth or buying presents for the poeple you think they deserve to be gifted and depending of the range of importance to YOU you will give them the most expensive present there is, so YOU can get a raise, or YOU can get more favors from that other person who you're giving the stupid present to. You wouldn't be doing any of that crap you're doing now if you really understood what salvation of the spirit means.

Merchandising is what all you people are doing, buying, buying, buying, and distroying everything!!

You fucking people just don't get it, and when you will it will be too late for your damn soul to be saved from your own selfishness and what you have created around you and you do you know what will happen?

Why do you think there are more diseases that can't be cured? Why do you think the world is coming apart? Why do you think your kids are born the way they are and now they start killing each other at the age of 8, 9, 10??!!??

Did you know is all your fault?


Happy Fucking Saturday Everyone!