Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who Wants Some Christmas Turkey!


I must apologize my mind doesn't have more space to be as imaginative and creative as before, my troubles keep disturbing me and the only reason why I'm keeping this blog is for journal purposes only.

I'm taking tomorrow and part of friday off because I can't believe myself I still want things to work out fine between the guy I used to call BF and I, we'll see how it goes.

So two weeks ago I asked my boss thursday for vacation, he was ok with it so he didn't say more than good luck on your trip; this morning I thought it would be a good idea to stay home on friday and work the rest of the afternoon, and I guess I did wrong, I mean boss was in an ok mood when I went to his office to give him his daily reports but as soon as I told him I wanted part of friday off too, his face turned red, that wasn't a good sign at all, and it didn't end up good either but I'm still taking part of friday morning off, tee hee!

While I was shopping on my day off with mom now that she left for 2 weeks to her hometown, I realized the christmas spirit in every shopping mall was earlier than years before, and it was kind of disturbing, thinking about christmas has never been pleasant and this year is not going to be the exception; so far we went to three different stores that day and all of them had christmas carols in the background music, after 10 minutes I wanted to shoot the DJ that thought it was a good idea to play christmas music when Thanksgiving is not even here yet.

How ridiculously desperate can the businesses be to almost force the customers to think about early christmas shopping? I think by the time christmas is around the corner people will be sick of those christmas carols, and santa clauses and christmas trees and elves and pine tree smells. Although I end up with great deals like a 5 items for 25 bucks. wow!

Oh man, just thinking about christmas makes me want to throw up. Fortunately my family is not either religious or with any kind of holiday spirits, so we are all planning to remain in our homes, probably not watching TV or listening to the radio because we know we'll find the same movies TV networks pass every christmas.

Can't they be a little bit more creative?


Today I am going to a cultura center and see some Anime that one of my friends is organizing every week, finally after 2 years I'll be able to go see what is all about, although I have my doubts I can tolerate those 14 year old kids. God help me!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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