Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Wednesday Super Mega Hump!!!!

Duh Yoli Duh....

I did the most stupid thing I have ever done in my entire life, I lost my debit card. There is only one good thing about this whole issue, and is that I can still take money out directly from the cashier register at the banks, of course with my original contract and my official ID.

Now the bad thing is that I have to wait 2 whole weeks to get my replacement because stupid me I asked the bank to send me my new card to my house, and the process to do it takes all that time, now if I were explained before that asking the replacement to deliver to my house would take more time than if I asked to send it to a bank would take 2 days at most I would have done the second choice.

Secondly I am never home and when my new plastic arrives I am the one who needs to be there to sign the delivery document; I work, I am never home!!!! I thought they were just going to drop it on my mailbox but no, they have to get my signature in place to leave me my plastic.


Now I called costumer service to ask them if I could change the delivery address to a bank instead of my home and now the lazy ass telephone guy told me he can’t do that, once I request my plastic in one way they can’t change it back.

This really sounds stupid! Now I have to call back again and speak to another costumer service lazy ass like the one before and ask him or her the same question and see what this new person answers me and I will do so like that 3 more times and see which of those 5 answers match, because I didn’t know, those lazy asses telephone people are so damn lazy they just come up with stupid answers.

I remember one time when I used to have a credit card (thank god it’s cancelled) I had to change my address, so I called the costumer service line to request a change of address, and the girl on the line told me she couldn’t change my address until I had 1 year with the credit card.


So I ask the woman with the most stupid voice I could find “So this means that I can run away from you guys and you will not find me ever again because you are telling me I can’t change my address before 1 year of having this credit card? Are you sure of what you are telling me girl? Do you understand what mistake you’re making by not taking my change of address? I can not pay you ever again”

Well of course the girl was upset because I offended her intelligence.


Stupid people!!

Anyhow, I feel stupid too, now I’ll have to wait 2 weeks so I can get my new plastic back and in the mean while I’ll have to pay everything with cash, (that sucks!) or I’ll have to keep calling until I find a sane person who will take my plead and will accept to change my request to get that card delivered to a bank near my company.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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