Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So It's Not So Broken Afterall!

Where's the Duck Tape?...

After all my dad's been saying that my mom is better off without him he decided to call mom and tell her how much he misses her by his side, or at least that's what my mother told me over the phone yesterday while my dad's version was a bit more of the contrary, like, my mom told him she misses him.

What ever!

The fact is that my father all of a sudden decided to join my mother and her happiness of being surrounded by 500 family members (that's right 500) and he's leaving tomorrow (talking about a desperate spouse), and he couldn't wait one minute longer, I think he spent his 100 free minutes talking to me trying to convince me to lend him the money for the plane ticket when I was still squeptic about him trying to socialize with all those family members, I mean 500 is not a small number you can just pass by, and that can be pretty traumatizing for a hermit such as my father, and myself by the way.

With disbelief I had to call my mother and tell her what was going on: "My father is trying to commit suicide with a moist sandwich bread here mother" - I said desperately - "Do you really, really want my father to join you on your happy vacations? Remember he's going to ruin your days for life"-To which my mother replied with a joyful voice - "Yes, yes! I want your father to be a part of this wonderful journey we can enjoy together and remember for the rest of our lives" (I swear that's what she said, she needs to stop watching too many soaps).

I can't say no to my mother; I was going to say NO to my father and tell him to stop acting like a baby and get a hold on himself and "Give me that moist sandwich bread, you're making your wrist dirty", but my mother is so sweet I just couldn't disapoint her. So my father right now must be worried sick with what clothes to take and how is he going to fit 5 changes of clothes on a small back pack for his trip near mom.

The only good thing I find in this story is that I will be completely alone for a whole week, I repeat, A WHOLE FRIGGIN WEEK!! I can hardly believe I'll be all by myself again.

Me must plan what to do while my parents are away, I have tons of books to read, tons of crap to clean, tons of time all by myself, uh, maybe I can rent Sponge bob square pants the movie, and watch all the TV I want without interruptions.


Can't he just leave like right now? Better yet, can't they just stay there like forever?!

Super Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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