Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Single’s Club!

Yeah I kick ass…

Two days ago I received an email from a very, very old friend of mine from our high school years (10 years ago), he was my first love and I think I was his first love too, of course we never got to be in a relationship because everything was going so slow, it was boring, after the years we spoke again and he said he was waiting for me to give him a sign so he could ask me to be his girlfriend, and I told him I was the one waiting for his sign so I could say yes. That’s how innocent I was back then.

Anyhoo, this guy now is a successful Industrial Engineer working for a very important automotive manufacturing company and also working for the best university in Mexico. This guy I remember him in high school as one of the smartest in class, the eloquent kind, the poet and the well mannered; everybody thought was gay except me and his closest friends; he was detailed about his clothing, his hair style and he always smelled good, actually he was the only one wearing cologne at out class; a complete charm and a true gentleman.

So as I was saying, I received an email from him saying he was moving to another city with a great job offer and that he got married a few weeks ago. I was in terrible shock, although I remember him as a very good friend it is hard to believe he was first than me; then I remember his last words before I moved back to the North and he stayed in the south where he is right now: “ I wished I could find a woman like you to marry”.


Well I hope he did, who ever the woman was I hope she appreciates what she has with her because he really is a jewel, too bad things between us never got to be more than a friendship and I feel happy for his success. Though he’s not the first one of the group of revels that got married, a few other of my classroom also formed a family a few years back, so now we are just a couple of single people remaining from that time. But just because of the fact that he was my first love it feels…weird.

In the letter also he invites me to meet his wife (oh hell no please!) and then the words that dropped me: “I hope you meet my wife and probably when you do you we will already have one or two kids of our own”.


No thanks, I rather kill myself before seeing him being happily married and I am still single, pathetic and with this denigrating job…haha!

I don’t doubt one of these days I’ll see him, but it will feel so awkward to see him all as a grown up successful married man.

Oh gee

The good thing is, I’m still young, I still enjoy my freedom, I don’t have to give any counts to anybody and best of all, I don’t have children to look after.

Aahhh the single life! I loves it, loves it, loves it!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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