Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday Quickie!

3 things today…

3 things I am going to rant about, but just a bit.

#1 I hate it when I say I am taking a day or two of vacations my boss makes it as if the company is going to fall down if he doesn’t have anybody to give him his stupid reports.

Note to self: Need to work on tolerance for this old man or I’ll end up with bladder cancer.

#2 I sooo much hate it when people ask me where I am going if I am taking a day or two.

Note to self: Think of a better answer next time so those people think twice when they want to know about my private life.

#3 This is a note to self: Must avoid listening to others showing off their love to their partners on the phone: “No you hang up, no you, ah come on hang up, my boss is calling me, you hang up…ok I love you…now hang up, no, you hang up…”


“Take care ok? I’m coming over to fix you a yummy dinner, ok? I love you so much, take care, yes, I love you, ok? Bye bye, I love yoooouuuuuu, ok, bye….bye….hehe….ok I love you more, now bye, byyeeeeeeeeeee….”

One more of those and I’m going to pull my hair off in 10 seconds.

Happy Unhappy Friday Everyone!

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