Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yoli's Car is Fixed!

This is how the chaos was on Tuesday night....

Car overheats, water is leaking from somewhere...Yoli freaks out and calls BF at Yoli's home.

BF: Hello?

Me: Hi baby, can you come and pick me up? My car overheat.

BF: What? What do you mean?

Me: ... Do you know what overheat is?

BF: Overheat, the car needs water

Me: Not exactly but can you come and pick me up? I'll be at the company

BF: Put water on the car and let it cool off.

Me: Nope, can't do that, the water is leaking from somewhere and a guy from my company says is the water pump, please come and pick me up!!!!

BF: (sigh) Ok, but are you sure is the water pump? Maybe is the fan that's not working.

Me: Yeah, that too, the fan is not working, now can you come and pick me up? Pleeasseeeee??!!!!

BF: (sigh) Ok, I'll be right over.

45 minutes later... and my butt is freezing outside the company, BF comes with dad on the side, yup dad joined the party too. BF decides he wants to take the car to the house so my dad can take it to the mechanic but sees the water pump is spitting out the water back to the floor, so BF decides the car stays in the company and we all head back home. It was 7:20 by then.

A couple of blocks down....

Dad: I need to go to the bathroom

Me: Dad!! Why didn't you tell me before!? I could have asked the guards to open the office area for you...agh! Do you really have to go?

Dad: Well, is not like I am going to blow up, I can hold it till we get home.

Me: Ok, there's a gasoline station right at the U turn, just hang on.

Dad: (Turning red) Ok!

We're supposed to drive into a U turn but I see BF not turning...

Me: The U turn is right over....dammit you missed it!

BF: It's been too long since I came here I don't remember

Me: could have asked!!...Dad are you ok?

Dad: (turning blue)'m ok (grins)

Me: Baby, my dad needs to go to the bathroom and the gas station was way in the back, now we have to go all the way down and we are going to get stuck in traffic...I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!

BF: Just enjoy the scene...look at the pretty cars (grins)

Me: Dad, there's another gasoline station at the bottom before we head the other U turn, you think you can hold it?

Dad: (turning yellow) not like I'm going to blow up or something....hmmm...I can hold....hhhmmmmjjjj.

10 minutes later and we're still stuck in traffic.

Me: Dad? We're almost there ok?

Dad: (completely pale) Hmmjjjj....ok!

Me: Baby, did you check the gas tank in your car before you picked me up? You're empty!!!...Oh my god we are so not going to make it!!!!

BF: Relaaaax, if the car turns off I'll just walk and get more gas, look the gasoline station is right infront of us.

Me: Infront of us? You still need to cross the intersection and there's no pedestrian crossing here, you have to walk almost a mile!!!. My dad needs to go to the bathroom!!!!

Dad: (almost fainting) No...hhmmm..problem....hhhmm...I'm holding it!

Finally we get to the gas station with the tank almost empty and my dad almost pooping his pants. BF fills the tank and dad goes to do his business.

A couple of minutes later and we are all happy and waiting in traffic for another 30 minutes. But at least my dad is not dieing and BF's car has enough gas to hold a 2 hour traffic.

So you see people, is not good to take your elderly parent somewhere far away from home because they just need to go at the time least expected.

Next time I am bringing him a portable potty.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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