Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yoli is Happy Today!


For the first time in god knows how many years I am feeling happy.

Why am I happy you ask? Well...

#1 I have changed my working shift 30 minutes earlier and it's working wonders, now I get to leave 1 hour before all these bunch of losers (weeee) and that by end, gets me to be home 30 minutes earlier to be with BF when he visits me...weeeeeee

#2 BF bought me my camera with picture printer (right, I have to post the story, crap I forgot. Ok I'll tell it quick).

#3 I am officially a size 12 now....weeeeeeeeee I was formerlly a size 13/14 last year, now I am a size 11/12. I dropped 1 dress size in 4 months with no diets!! (weeeee). Thank you spinning classes!!!!

#4 Daylight saving time is coming so I will get to sleep "one hour earlier" super weeeeee.

#5 The hot weather is gone, I am so happy about that now I can go back to my natural skin color because right now I look like my legs don't belong to the rest of my body, they're milky white I tell ya!

#6 I am retouching my red highlights so they will go back to red again this saturday. (pictures with my new camera coming up after I redo my highlights)

#7 Finally I found the brown boots and the brown pants I needed so much. And the boots were a great deal! I can't believe it. (pictures also coming up tonight)

Now the story of how BF bought me my digicam!

Thursday night I was trying to convince BF we NEEDS a digicam, we must HAVES it because we are so behind technology we NEEDS a digicam. But BF was not so convinced about the thought of spending money on a digicam until I told him he could do lots and lots of fun stuff with it, then he kind of didn't say yes.

So on Saturday I went shopping with my parents and while we were at it we drove to Best Buy, from where I called BF and asked him if he wanted to catch me up at the store; 30 minutes later he was outside waiting for me and I took him inside. I was really looking for a cheap, cheap camera, I mean I was only going to take family pictures with it and besides BF didn't say he would buy me the digicam so in case he would say no I would buy the cheapest one anyway. While the guy at the store was helping us decide which camera was good and cheap BF asked for a picture printer, (no we don't need a picture printer, we NEEDS a digicam dammit) and so the seller showed us a deal we could not miss a Kodak Ease share 0310 with picture printer included for only $199; but I only wanted to spend $100 bucks and no more, well as much $150 but not 200 bucks, oh hell no.

BF was so excited about the deal he said "Let's take it", to my amusement I thought (are you really going to buy it for me?) so I asked him "are you really going to buy it for me? You know I don't have more than a hundred bucks to spend", and BF said "Just take it, I'll pay for it, why are you whining".

And so, we walked out of Best Buy with a digicam, a picture printer, a pack of picture paper and ink cartridges, a camera cover, and we almost walk out with the memory card but we forgot about it at the cashier counter...crap! (now I'll have to go there next week and buy it).

So as soon as we went back home, we installed the camera, and started taking pictures, actually the first picture I took was the one with BF and the two kitties.

See? I told you I was going to give you a Kodak Moment!


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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