Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The World is Falling and I can’t Get Out!

Wished it was like this but not on a closing year…

I've been closing year for the past two weeks so I don’t get caught on a rush. Fortunately because I am super smart and super organized I was able to cool down when this morning at 7 am I was leaving home to get to work to continue my closing month and I see this huge line of traffic and is very slowly moving, after 45 minutes of being stuck in the same place a police officer tells us all to move to another exit which leads us to the Highway towards Ensenada so we could make a U turn and head back on our ways to work.

Everybody were using their cell phones except for me, I still had 2 minutes more and I thought maybe a miracle could happen and I was being saved by God all mighty and a bird would come and rescue me from the traffic; but the damn bird never showed and I was stuck for another 30 minutes for that U turn; finally we reach the end of the U turn and I was happy, it was already 8:10 am so I thought well I think I can make it on time to finish up the reports in 2 minutes and give it to the boss and maybe he won’t notice. Well I was wrong!

Suddenly we all see ahead 2 more police cars and people coming back the way they came from and I thought this could not be happening, not today, why today? They can’t send us back to our houses… this is insane! Well not so, the policemen were really sending us back where we came from, that meant another hour of traffic on the way back. What happened? We didn’t know, we were all being pushed back to our homes because “something” happened on the road, I came back home clueless at 9 am. 2 hours of traffic and we didn’t move anywhere I ended up in the same place I started.

Once I got home I turned on the TV and the mystery was solved, a huge sewage pipe broke and all the dirty water moist the soil on the mountains and a huge chunk of a mountain collapsed over the roads, so actually there was no way in or out of town, we were trapped, well, not so but we were, unless we had to pay $2.5 dlls to cross the highway to Ensenada and back to TJ. I don’t think so!

I had to call my boss and explain the situation and he laughed…he laughed. I didn’t think it was funny, I spent 2 hours of gas for nothing and I was not going to spend another hour of gas trying to get to work. Oh hell no! So I waited until the city trucks removed all the dirty crap that was blocking the roads.

In the mean time I went to my parents home to kill the time and we had a good brunch, oh what a brunch it was, it was good, so good it made me sleepy so I fell asleep, I told my mom to wake me up at 1 pm so I could get ready to work and she didn’t, I know why she didn’t, she didn’t want me to go anywhere and stay with them. So I was late; now I had to rush over to my work so I could be there on time and make worth the time I was going to stay there “working” and finishing up the things I needed to finish so they could not accumulate for the next morning.

I got to my work at 2 pm to find some bitter news, HR beyotch had gone to my boss and tell him I got off early last Tuesday and said I didn’t tell anybody I was leaving early, of course I did, I told the director of the company I was leaving early. Damn snake! She will have to cry because I am here only for 3 hours more and I am out of here…tee hee.

I am so sure she is going to make me fill out a permission form for the 7 hours I was out of here because of the traffic stuff.

Oh I know, why don’t I gather a little bit of that muddy crap that built in the morning and splat it on her new car…oh that would be nice.

I’ll dream about it while I’m sleeping tonight…ha!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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