Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Tuesday with a Meme!

So this is a meme hey?....

Alright, by request from Steph because she knows my days at Nutter Industries are not productive; I may now comply with this so called "Meme", I didn't know these questionares were called Memes. I remember when I was little, all my friends would pass around notebooks with all sorts of questions, we called it the "gossip book", and all the girls wanted to answer them, even if the questions were lame and stupid. I even made up my own gossip book but I was never so popular so the only people who answered my gossip book was me, an imaginary friend and my cat.

Those were the days...

Anyway, on with the Meme:

three names I go by:
1. Yoli
2. Yolis
3. Yolita

three screen names you've had:
1. Rubberducky
2. Ekoloka
3. Rubberbond

three physical things you like about yourself:
1. My face
2. My hair
3. My hands

three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. My teeth
2. My weight
3. My legs

three parts of your heritage:
1. Spanish
2. Arabic
3. French

three things that scare you:
1. Heights ( hates it …hates it alot)
2. Dust mites (gaahh!)
3. Dieing alone and people finding out a week later because of the pudrid smell of my rotten body full of maggots.

three of your everyday essentials:
1. Shower
2. Make up
3. Hair styling products

three things you are wearing right now:
1. Black pants with very thin white stripes
2. Black sleeveless turtle neck
3. Black undies and bra

three of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):
1. Enya
2. Enigma
3. Missy Elliot

three of your favorite songs (at the moment):
1. Only Time - Enya
2. Return to Innocence - Enigma
3. Pass that Dutch – Missy Elliot

three things you want in a relationship:
1. Trust
2. Commitment
3. Love

two truths and a lie (in no particular order):
1. I’ve been in a threesome
2. My brother and my sister are married together
3. I killed a dog once

three physical things about the [non-]opposite sex that appeal to you:
1. Pretty Face
2. Gorgeous hair
3. And a well shaped body and I mean well

three of your favorite hobbies:
1. reading
2. blogging
3. watch documentaries

three things you want to do really badly right now:
1. Eat, I’m so hungry!!
2. Go home and do my laundry
3. See the BF

three careers you're considering:
1. Psychiatry
2. Neurology
3. Psychology

three places you want to go on vacation:
1. Beeaaachhhhh I need warm beeaccch!!
2. Anywhere in the Mountains
3. Canada

three kids' names you like:
1. Don’t like kids in the first place
2. So the only names I can think of are
3. Bugger, creatures from hell, leeches…etc.

three things you want to do before you die:
1. Live my life in the best and harmonious way possible
2. Leave at least a small drop of wisdom
3. Get things ready for when the time comes people won’t find me a week later all maggotty and stinky.

Who will I pass this to? Well anybody who wants to, I'm not picky, plus the 2 readers that follow me already did it and I don't want to be rude.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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