Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Randomness!

Let’s see now…

#1 It’s raining, not like hell but, hell it is raining!

#2 Someone sprayed angel cake scent in the AC piping, the whole building at Nutter Industries smells. I want some of that.

#3 Aunt flow is here, oh yes she’s here and she came with anger; can I go home now?

#4 I brought my bigass umbrella today in case it rains when I get off, I made a bump to a car, hope nobody catches me for it. Yikes!

#5 Eating with Drama queen is a drama; unfortunately I am never in the mood to listen to her weeping about her dead dog. At least she doesn’t weep while she’s eating, that helps.

#6 As much I have heard how the production girls spray themselves with the water sprinklers by accident it never stops being hilarious to hear them scream and see them wet.

#7 I’m bored, I want to go home and bake some peanut butter rice cake snacks.

#8 I realized I need a digicam, no, no, I don’t need it, I NEEDS IT!!!!

#9 Those kitties are cute, but I can’t stop thinking about all the mites they have on their fur and how many fleas are growing. Eow.

#10 One of the kitties doesn’t let me pet him, but he always makes himself clear that I must give him food, and ignoring him is not an option. Meeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwww dammit Meeeeooooowwwww!

#11 Adoption centers are crazy, how in heavens will they think I am going to pay $100 bucks for a cat. I’m sticking with the neighbors kitties for now, the neighbors have lost their chance.

#12 Wow, automatic self cleaning kitty litter tray….wow

#13 What? $140 bucks for automatic cleaning litter tray? I can buy tons of stuff with that money, 3 weeks worth of grocery shopping, 20 cartons of eggs, 3 pairs of slacks, 6 sweaters, 3 pairs of shoes, a couple of tickets to Disneyland, save money for my dream mango land.

#14 Where are the neighbors? Look! One kitty just pooped on my doorstep…crap!

Happy Tuesday Everyone

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