Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Sunday almost Monday Special!

And now I present to you...

Meet the new family members, well...almost, the fluffy kitty in the bottom of the pillow is "Topoli" which means chubby in BF's language, and the other kitty looking at that white round smily head is "Conchita", I named her like that because she's a lazy ass, and all lazy asses in my country are called "conchas". And well, the big white smily face is the BF but for security reasons I am not displaying his big persian head. Isn't he ready for halloween?

And now this...

Doesn't that look good? This is the so called Peanut butter cake, and I must say it is GOOD!

Here's another sky view picture of my peanut butter cake for your enjoyment...

Alright is not centered so sue me, I'm new at this anyway, little by little I'll get to improve.

And if you want the recipe for this recipe (bwahaha, excuse me, I'm half asleep here) let me know and I'll send it to you by email.

Happy Sun/Monday Everyone!

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