Wednesday, October 05, 2005

OH Now What?!


Why is it all the time things have to come to me in a cumulative way and not little by little? Yesterday was the “shit river” as some of you called it, and I thought it was hilarious, and now my car broke down because the water pump was leaking all the antifreeze and my car almost melt down.

Not to mention my hair is a huge mess today because we’re having Santa Ana winds and really, this could not get any worst…or is it? I hope I don’t find a flat tire or maybe something worst after the mechanics give me back my car and they should give it back to me no later than this afternoon. I am not taking the public transportation with this weather, with this hair and with all this static that’s flowing all over I have been electrocuted already 10 times this morning and I am expecting more electrocutions for the rest of the afternoon and all of this is BF’s fault….

I don’t know I just feel like blaming on to him!

I’m expecting to go to the gym today because I think I am gaining weight again and I don’t like it, I’ve been doing wonderfully well when BF and I got separated because I was going 5 times a week, now I am going 3 times a week at the most. This is unbearable, and for this, is BF’s fault too…

On to another news, I am getting me a digi cam maybe, and I am saying maybe because maybe by then I will loose all interest on buying a digi cam and instead I’ll decide to keep saving my money to buy me a house which I need to the most. I am not liking the tweety yellow color. Anyway and in the mean time, no pictures for you. You are all going to have to stick with the Ostrich at the top right corner, if you want to imagine me with red highlights well then put a damn wig on the ostrich and there you’ll have me with red highlights, which by the way they’re no longer red because I decided not to follow the rules of beauty in not buying a $15 dlls bottle of L’Oreal red shampoo, I’m too cheap for that and rather keep myself with my current 700 mil bottle of Pantene and I am keeping it until I finish the last drop of it, even if it means I’ll end up with pink highlights!

Hurray for Pink Highlights!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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