Monday, October 10, 2005

Morning Thoughts!


1. Why if we had enough rain last year to give away for free the water keeps running out over the weekends and I have to smell like a skunk? Although I have a huge water supply system underneath my house but is getting rot because the pump doesn't work. WTF!

2. When I turn on the pump to at least flush the toilets when the water runs out, the gage from the water company goes counter clockwise, this is a bad thing because the water from my pump goes back to the water company and good because it means my flush is making my water bill go down...Guess I'll have to flush the toilet more often huh?

3. How it comes when I drink a glass of wine it's like I'm taking a whole bottle of valium? I am definitely taking a glass before I got o sleep...I suffer from insomnia.

4. Why women have to suck at driving? I know I suck at driving but at least I don't suck as much as those moms with mini vans or high chassis. WTF lady! If you have a huge high chassis it means you can go through the bump not drive around it! And don't stop at a hill to cross a bump, you have a friggin truck for Pete's sake!, give it to me and you can have my 1993 oldmobile, you can drive it like your high chassis if you like.

5. it's Monday, I didn't clean my house, didn't do my laundry and here I am at work... blogging.

Why work isn't more productive?? Can I bring my washer machine?

Happy Monday Everyone!

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