Monday, October 17, 2005

I Am a Balloon Head!


My life is not a pretty life, it sucks. I went window shopping on Saturday with a friend of mine and my mom, and to my horrible luck everything was 40%, 50% and 60% off. Now I usually spend around $400 bucks on clothing all at once and sometimes only at one store when I really need clothes. This time I wasn’t planning to buy anything, I just wanted to go window shopping but I couldn’t resist the deals, so I ended up buying one pair of pretty gray pants with pretty pink stripes and a pretty gray ¾ sleeve cardigan and a pretty soft violet sweater. Boo hoo, and I felt bad, so bad, oh so bad I felt I was betraying my dream of buying me my land with mango trees.


$100 bucks less on my piggy bank and I still need winter clothes, dammit! I need brown boots, agghhh!

Anyway; let’s change the subject.

I think I have adopted 2 kittens, I think, I know I think because they show up in my doorstep every single morning asking me…no, no…begging me….no, not that either…demanding me to give them food, and love and attention and more food and milk and kitty litter.

Nooooo, these cats are not mine, they belong to my neighbors across the street. I sooo blame BF for this, he’s the one who brought one of the kittens to show it to me, now there are two kittens meowing at my door. Oh well, they are kittens and they are so adorable I couldn’t resist them so I already bought them cat food and gave them milk and one egg for breakfast, and they seem pretty happy ripping off my curtains and my living room furniture; but what can I do? I hope the neighbors don’t get angry at me for taking their kittens away from their children.

And this morning I woke up with a happy feeling, all of a sudden I started sneezing, and all that sneezing made my nose runny and all that made my head blow up like a balloon and that balloon head made my head hurt, and I can’t see well, and I can’t move without body pain, and it’s raining outside and I feel miserable, and I haven’t go to the gym as I am supposed to and I have a Chinese Opera to go to tomorrow.

Does this mean I am catching a flu?


Happy Rainy Monday Everyone!

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