Monday, October 31, 2005

Hippy Hulloween!


That really wasn't my costume, but Prestbury had a great idea..thanks Prest!

Been sooo busy with all the closing month crap and all that crap that needs to be dealth with before closing a month. Anyway, as an antisocial freak that I am I did not open my door to anybody who was trickortreating tonight, what those parents wanted me to give their children candy for their lack of imagination to dress up their kids?

Better luck some other century dudes!

In other news, I put a part of a down payment for a house Yay! I can't believe BF drove me into that, but well that was that and I am expecting to be approved by the end of November and hopfully by the first months of next year I will be living in a new home (egg shell actually) but who cares, a house is a house and I am no longer paying more rent for my landlord, he's a cheap ass moron!

And now, I present to you, my work desk...

Really I don't like stuffed animals on a desk, it keeps too much space, but because people see I have stuffed animals on my desk, they think I must loves them! I don't...stop giving me stuffed animals people!!!

This is the story: the cow belongs to North Carolina, Drama Queen gave it to me, she thinks I love stuffed animals. The turtle, well that one doesn't count, I bought it because the head moves. The moose belongs to Alaska, a former workmate gave it to me, he also thought I love stuffed animals. And last but not least, the koala, this koala bear belongs to Australia, yup, that is my souvenir I got from my crappy old boss for helping him arrange his trip to Ausy land.

And last but not least....

My kitty key chain..I LOVES MY KITTY KEY CHAIN!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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