Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hillbilly Yoli!


Been looking around for grounds to invest my poor lil’o money in, and while browsing around I fell in love with a huge ground with 17 Mango Trees, surrounded by forest and is near a lake.

It made me think of making me a little farm, with chickens, one cow and lots of cats to play around. Planting banana tress, and orange trees and sugar canes and corn and tomatoes and avocados, oh the list is endless.

And the price is so reasonable I just couldn’t resist asking, so I am waiting for a reply from the real state agents I asked information to and if they're reasonable with the land, I won't doubt on buying it.

I think if I get to buy that piece of land I will have to change my lifestyle of being a city girl and turn into a hillbilly, imagine me, with overalls and a dirty hat planting my fruits and veggies, going to the river once in a while to catch some fish for dinner and supporting me and my parents with what we can get by selling fruit conserves and pastries; enjoying the natural habitats; the bad thing is I will have to live around spiders and snakes but I am sure it will be worth it and I won’t mind, I’ll buy me lots of Raid when I go town which is a mile away.

That is definitely the kind of lifestyle I want to give my parents and myself once I grow older; pure nature to the core, no cars, no people around for miles, just me and my mango trees, my chickens and my cows. No more Nutter Industries, no more old farts, no more TV, computer…

Wait a minute…if I don’t have a computer I won’t be able to blog, ok, definitely must have satellite to use my laptop there at least to know what’s up with the world, and blogland.

Oh yes, blogland, I just couldn’t live without.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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