Friday, October 14, 2005

A Friday Quickie with No Mangos!


Bleah! I had an answer from the real state agency about my dream land and turns out the owner wants cash and wants it in full. How in the world do they think someone is going to have all that money on hand at once?

Anyway, that piece of land will be only a dream for about 6 or 7 months till I collect at least half of what tha land costs, in the mean time I'll stick my butt to Nutter Industries... (Super Crap)

Sad news for a friday in deed!

In other news:

I am going to a presentation of the Beiging Opera on Tuesday and I am soooo excited I can hardly wait for that day. What's the Beijing Opera you ask? Well you would have to see it yourself to understand because it's a wonderful mixture of chinese culture, martial arts, costumes, make up, acting, singing all together forming a very unique, strange but beautiful master piece.

And so with this background I say to Drama Queen (aka the woman who weeps to me at lunch time) that this Beijing Opera is coming to town for only one presentation to what she replies with an awkward face "Oh, I wanted to see X rock band last month but didn't have the chance".

Girl, it's Opera we're talking about here not a cheap ass rock band!!!!!...

Damn ignorant, and still she doesn't ask what it is pretending to know what I am talking about and criticizes it as if we are talking about a regular Italian Opera. I want to shoot this woman in her humongous head.

Someone give me a bazuka!....Yes her head is THAT big.

Aaaannnd last but not least, I am going windows shopping tomorrow, weeeeeeeeeee...... (crap!)

Happy Friday Everyone!

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