Wednesday, October 26, 2005

And The Picture Madness Begins!


But before we begin, let's start with what I love to do best...

Whine about crap and stuff.

Yesterday afternoon we had an "informative administrative employee only meeting" (whew that was long) that was to inform us about something that was not quite clear of what it was but thinking about the subject it might have meant maybe information about the new products coming to our facility or maybe the christmas party (which I am not attending this year because this company sucks ass) or maybe of a halloween extravaganza where we could wear customes that day and made fouls out of ourselves. I don't know, it must have been something like that, but knowing the kind of company Nutter Industries is, I should have known better by now after being here for over a year.

Anyway, the meeting started late, and it was about some crap I didn't really understand because the H.R. Mayor beyotch was mixing up about timing cards and checking time and being late and production people but also administrative personnel, signing papers, asking permission and waiting for authorization to get out and not being paid for eating outside the company and what not. I don't know, till this moment I couldn't figure out what that woman wanted to say.

Anyhoo, Drama Queen said "Bah who cares anyway? I am not paying attention to this crap". I said "what ever". 3 hours later Drama Queen comes back with a red face and a personality more like the Tasmanian Devil's wife, saying nonsense about complotting the HR beyotch and wanting to form a sindicate for administratives who don't check cards and how to burn the witch in a big hole full of snakes and my boss burning along with her and so. I said "didn't you say you didn't care about that crap like 3 hours ago?", Drama Queen said "Gaaaah blah duh iiiii eeowwkk pprrrrhhtttt baaahhiii ttiikennn blaaahhh".

The woman is nuts I tell you; so later on I turned to a guy who looks like he has more sense of humanity and I try to convince him to convince the Tazmanian Devil to slow down before the woman does something she will regret for the rest of the time she'll be working at Nutter Ind. And so he did and now we're all happy, and safe from burning inside the plant.

And now, some Kodak Moments!

Topoli here distroying my 2nd hand furniture, who told him he could use it to do his own manicure anyway? (look at the eyes, he seems pleased).

My brand new boots, well not so brand new anymore because I already used them twice. Weeeeeee.

And now, something revealing...

See why I say I am related to ostriches?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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