Monday, October 31, 2005

Hippy Hulloween!


That really wasn't my costume, but Prestbury had a great idea..thanks Prest!

Been sooo busy with all the closing month crap and all that crap that needs to be dealth with before closing a month. Anyway, as an antisocial freak that I am I did not open my door to anybody who was trickortreating tonight, what those parents wanted me to give their children candy for their lack of imagination to dress up their kids?

Better luck some other century dudes!

In other news, I put a part of a down payment for a house Yay! I can't believe BF drove me into that, but well that was that and I am expecting to be approved by the end of November and hopfully by the first months of next year I will be living in a new home (egg shell actually) but who cares, a house is a house and I am no longer paying more rent for my landlord, he's a cheap ass moron!

And now, I present to you, my work desk...

Really I don't like stuffed animals on a desk, it keeps too much space, but because people see I have stuffed animals on my desk, they think I must loves them! I don't...stop giving me stuffed animals people!!!

This is the story: the cow belongs to North Carolina, Drama Queen gave it to me, she thinks I love stuffed animals. The turtle, well that one doesn't count, I bought it because the head moves. The moose belongs to Alaska, a former workmate gave it to me, he also thought I love stuffed animals. And last but not least, the koala, this koala bear belongs to Australia, yup, that is my souvenir I got from my crappy old boss for helping him arrange his trip to Ausy land.

And last but not least....

My kitty key chain..I LOVES MY KITTY KEY CHAIN!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

And The Picture Madness Begins!


But before we begin, let's start with what I love to do best...

Whine about crap and stuff.

Yesterday afternoon we had an "informative administrative employee only meeting" (whew that was long) that was to inform us about something that was not quite clear of what it was but thinking about the subject it might have meant maybe information about the new products coming to our facility or maybe the christmas party (which I am not attending this year because this company sucks ass) or maybe of a halloween extravaganza where we could wear customes that day and made fouls out of ourselves. I don't know, it must have been something like that, but knowing the kind of company Nutter Industries is, I should have known better by now after being here for over a year.

Anyway, the meeting started late, and it was about some crap I didn't really understand because the H.R. Mayor beyotch was mixing up about timing cards and checking time and being late and production people but also administrative personnel, signing papers, asking permission and waiting for authorization to get out and not being paid for eating outside the company and what not. I don't know, till this moment I couldn't figure out what that woman wanted to say.

Anyhoo, Drama Queen said "Bah who cares anyway? I am not paying attention to this crap". I said "what ever". 3 hours later Drama Queen comes back with a red face and a personality more like the Tasmanian Devil's wife, saying nonsense about complotting the HR beyotch and wanting to form a sindicate for administratives who don't check cards and how to burn the witch in a big hole full of snakes and my boss burning along with her and so. I said "didn't you say you didn't care about that crap like 3 hours ago?", Drama Queen said "Gaaaah blah duh iiiii eeowwkk pprrrrhhtttt baaahhiii ttiikennn blaaahhh".

The woman is nuts I tell you; so later on I turned to a guy who looks like he has more sense of humanity and I try to convince him to convince the Tazmanian Devil to slow down before the woman does something she will regret for the rest of the time she'll be working at Nutter Ind. And so he did and now we're all happy, and safe from burning inside the plant.

And now, some Kodak Moments!

Topoli here distroying my 2nd hand furniture, who told him he could use it to do his own manicure anyway? (look at the eyes, he seems pleased).

My brand new boots, well not so brand new anymore because I already used them twice. Weeeeeee.

And now, something revealing...

See why I say I am related to ostriches?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yoli is Happy Today!


For the first time in god knows how many years I am feeling happy.

Why am I happy you ask? Well...

#1 I have changed my working shift 30 minutes earlier and it's working wonders, now I get to leave 1 hour before all these bunch of losers (weeee) and that by end, gets me to be home 30 minutes earlier to be with BF when he visits me...weeeeeee

#2 BF bought me my camera with picture printer (right, I have to post the story, crap I forgot. Ok I'll tell it quick).

#3 I am officially a size 12 now....weeeeeeeeee I was formerlly a size 13/14 last year, now I am a size 11/12. I dropped 1 dress size in 4 months with no diets!! (weeeee). Thank you spinning classes!!!!

#4 Daylight saving time is coming so I will get to sleep "one hour earlier" super weeeeee.

#5 The hot weather is gone, I am so happy about that now I can go back to my natural skin color because right now I look like my legs don't belong to the rest of my body, they're milky white I tell ya!

#6 I am retouching my red highlights so they will go back to red again this saturday. (pictures with my new camera coming up after I redo my highlights)

#7 Finally I found the brown boots and the brown pants I needed so much. And the boots were a great deal! I can't believe it. (pictures also coming up tonight)

Now the story of how BF bought me my digicam!

Thursday night I was trying to convince BF we NEEDS a digicam, we must HAVES it because we are so behind technology we NEEDS a digicam. But BF was not so convinced about the thought of spending money on a digicam until I told him he could do lots and lots of fun stuff with it, then he kind of didn't say yes.

So on Saturday I went shopping with my parents and while we were at it we drove to Best Buy, from where I called BF and asked him if he wanted to catch me up at the store; 30 minutes later he was outside waiting for me and I took him inside. I was really looking for a cheap, cheap camera, I mean I was only going to take family pictures with it and besides BF didn't say he would buy me the digicam so in case he would say no I would buy the cheapest one anyway. While the guy at the store was helping us decide which camera was good and cheap BF asked for a picture printer, (no we don't need a picture printer, we NEEDS a digicam dammit) and so the seller showed us a deal we could not miss a Kodak Ease share 0310 with picture printer included for only $199; but I only wanted to spend $100 bucks and no more, well as much $150 but not 200 bucks, oh hell no.

BF was so excited about the deal he said "Let's take it", to my amusement I thought (are you really going to buy it for me?) so I asked him "are you really going to buy it for me? You know I don't have more than a hundred bucks to spend", and BF said "Just take it, I'll pay for it, why are you whining".

And so, we walked out of Best Buy with a digicam, a picture printer, a pack of picture paper and ink cartridges, a camera cover, and we almost walk out with the memory card but we forgot about it at the cashier counter...crap! (now I'll have to go there next week and buy it).

So as soon as we went back home, we installed the camera, and started taking pictures, actually the first picture I took was the one with BF and the two kitties.

See? I told you I was going to give you a Kodak Moment!


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Sunday almost Monday Special!

And now I present to you...

Meet the new family members, well...almost, the fluffy kitty in the bottom of the pillow is "Topoli" which means chubby in BF's language, and the other kitty looking at that white round smily head is "Conchita", I named her like that because she's a lazy ass, and all lazy asses in my country are called "conchas". And well, the big white smily face is the BF but for security reasons I am not displaying his big persian head. Isn't he ready for halloween?

And now this...

Doesn't that look good? This is the so called Peanut butter cake, and I must say it is GOOD!

Here's another sky view picture of my peanut butter cake for your enjoyment...

Alright is not centered so sue me, I'm new at this anyway, little by little I'll get to improve.

And if you want the recipe for this recipe (bwahaha, excuse me, I'm half asleep here) let me know and I'll send it to you by email.

Happy Sun/Monday Everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2005

All the Way to a Friday Quickie!


I can't believe it's already Friday, the week went flying around here.

So far I've been really busy, so busy I forgot I have a blog, that's not pretty.

I've been so busy I forgot all the things I wanted to post about so that means I gotta get me a reminder or something.

I've been so so busy I forgot to pay my water and my electricity bill, so I hope I don't wake up tomorrow without water or electricity. Oh please don't!

I've been so busy I haven't get my grip and talk to my boss to change my working shift because so busy I have been I don't eve have time for finish up his reports.

I've been so extremely busy my red highlights are no longer red, they have turned yellow, orange and pink, and so far that's the coolest thing that has happened to me this week. I have multicolored highlights. haha!

Now what I need to do on Saturday and Sunday:

1. Buy brown winter shoes and brown boots. I NEEDS it!

2. Buy me a digicam (already told BF to get it for me but he told me basically I was out of my mind, I am not putting my finger away though until I convince him we NEEDS a digicam)

3. Clean up my home, wash my car and do laundry (crap)

4. Get the new kittens a new home, deflea them, declaw them and dedust them (hehe).

5. Probably if I have some time left over I'll bake the peanut butter snack cakes and if I buy my digicam this weekend you'll get to see some Kodak moments.


Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Randomness!

Let’s see now…

#1 It’s raining, not like hell but, hell it is raining!

#2 Someone sprayed angel cake scent in the AC piping, the whole building at Nutter Industries smells. I want some of that.

#3 Aunt flow is here, oh yes she’s here and she came with anger; can I go home now?

#4 I brought my bigass umbrella today in case it rains when I get off, I made a bump to a car, hope nobody catches me for it. Yikes!

#5 Eating with Drama queen is a drama; unfortunately I am never in the mood to listen to her weeping about her dead dog. At least she doesn’t weep while she’s eating, that helps.

#6 As much I have heard how the production girls spray themselves with the water sprinklers by accident it never stops being hilarious to hear them scream and see them wet.

#7 I’m bored, I want to go home and bake some peanut butter rice cake snacks.

#8 I realized I need a digicam, no, no, I don’t need it, I NEEDS IT!!!!

#9 Those kitties are cute, but I can’t stop thinking about all the mites they have on their fur and how many fleas are growing. Eow.

#10 One of the kitties doesn’t let me pet him, but he always makes himself clear that I must give him food, and ignoring him is not an option. Meeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwww dammit Meeeeooooowwwww!

#11 Adoption centers are crazy, how in heavens will they think I am going to pay $100 bucks for a cat. I’m sticking with the neighbors kitties for now, the neighbors have lost their chance.

#12 Wow, automatic self cleaning kitty litter tray….wow

#13 What? $140 bucks for automatic cleaning litter tray? I can buy tons of stuff with that money, 3 weeks worth of grocery shopping, 20 cartons of eggs, 3 pairs of slacks, 6 sweaters, 3 pairs of shoes, a couple of tickets to Disneyland, save money for my dream mango land.

#14 Where are the neighbors? Look! One kitty just pooped on my doorstep…crap!

Happy Tuesday Everyone

Monday, October 17, 2005

I Am a Balloon Head!


My life is not a pretty life, it sucks. I went window shopping on Saturday with a friend of mine and my mom, and to my horrible luck everything was 40%, 50% and 60% off. Now I usually spend around $400 bucks on clothing all at once and sometimes only at one store when I really need clothes. This time I wasn’t planning to buy anything, I just wanted to go window shopping but I couldn’t resist the deals, so I ended up buying one pair of pretty gray pants with pretty pink stripes and a pretty gray ¾ sleeve cardigan and a pretty soft violet sweater. Boo hoo, and I felt bad, so bad, oh so bad I felt I was betraying my dream of buying me my land with mango trees.


$100 bucks less on my piggy bank and I still need winter clothes, dammit! I need brown boots, agghhh!

Anyway; let’s change the subject.

I think I have adopted 2 kittens, I think, I know I think because they show up in my doorstep every single morning asking me…no, no…begging me….no, not that either…demanding me to give them food, and love and attention and more food and milk and kitty litter.

Nooooo, these cats are not mine, they belong to my neighbors across the street. I sooo blame BF for this, he’s the one who brought one of the kittens to show it to me, now there are two kittens meowing at my door. Oh well, they are kittens and they are so adorable I couldn’t resist them so I already bought them cat food and gave them milk and one egg for breakfast, and they seem pretty happy ripping off my curtains and my living room furniture; but what can I do? I hope the neighbors don’t get angry at me for taking their kittens away from their children.

And this morning I woke up with a happy feeling, all of a sudden I started sneezing, and all that sneezing made my nose runny and all that made my head blow up like a balloon and that balloon head made my head hurt, and I can’t see well, and I can’t move without body pain, and it’s raining outside and I feel miserable, and I haven’t go to the gym as I am supposed to and I have a Chinese Opera to go to tomorrow.

Does this mean I am catching a flu?


Happy Rainy Monday Everyone!

Friday, October 14, 2005

A Friday Quickie with No Mangos!


Bleah! I had an answer from the real state agency about my dream land and turns out the owner wants cash and wants it in full. How in the world do they think someone is going to have all that money on hand at once?

Anyway, that piece of land will be only a dream for about 6 or 7 months till I collect at least half of what tha land costs, in the mean time I'll stick my butt to Nutter Industries... (Super Crap)

Sad news for a friday in deed!

In other news:

I am going to a presentation of the Beiging Opera on Tuesday and I am soooo excited I can hardly wait for that day. What's the Beijing Opera you ask? Well you would have to see it yourself to understand because it's a wonderful mixture of chinese culture, martial arts, costumes, make up, acting, singing all together forming a very unique, strange but beautiful master piece.

And so with this background I say to Drama Queen (aka the woman who weeps to me at lunch time) that this Beijing Opera is coming to town for only one presentation to what she replies with an awkward face "Oh, I wanted to see X rock band last month but didn't have the chance".

Girl, it's Opera we're talking about here not a cheap ass rock band!!!!!...

Damn ignorant, and still she doesn't ask what it is pretending to know what I am talking about and criticizes it as if we are talking about a regular Italian Opera. I want to shoot this woman in her humongous head.

Someone give me a bazuka!....Yes her head is THAT big.

Aaaannnd last but not least, I am going windows shopping tomorrow, weeeeeeeeeee...... (crap!)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hillbilly Yoli!


Been looking around for grounds to invest my poor lil’o money in, and while browsing around I fell in love with a huge ground with 17 Mango Trees, surrounded by forest and is near a lake.

It made me think of making me a little farm, with chickens, one cow and lots of cats to play around. Planting banana tress, and orange trees and sugar canes and corn and tomatoes and avocados, oh the list is endless.

And the price is so reasonable I just couldn’t resist asking, so I am waiting for a reply from the real state agents I asked information to and if they're reasonable with the land, I won't doubt on buying it.

I think if I get to buy that piece of land I will have to change my lifestyle of being a city girl and turn into a hillbilly, imagine me, with overalls and a dirty hat planting my fruits and veggies, going to the river once in a while to catch some fish for dinner and supporting me and my parents with what we can get by selling fruit conserves and pastries; enjoying the natural habitats; the bad thing is I will have to live around spiders and snakes but I am sure it will be worth it and I won’t mind, I’ll buy me lots of Raid when I go town which is a mile away.

That is definitely the kind of lifestyle I want to give my parents and myself once I grow older; pure nature to the core, no cars, no people around for miles, just me and my mango trees, my chickens and my cows. No more Nutter Industries, no more old farts, no more TV, computer…

Wait a minute…if I don’t have a computer I won’t be able to blog, ok, definitely must have satellite to use my laptop there at least to know what’s up with the world, and blogland.

Oh yes, blogland, I just couldn’t live without.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Tuesday with a Meme!

So this is a meme hey?....

Alright, by request from Steph because she knows my days at Nutter Industries are not productive; I may now comply with this so called "Meme", I didn't know these questionares were called Memes. I remember when I was little, all my friends would pass around notebooks with all sorts of questions, we called it the "gossip book", and all the girls wanted to answer them, even if the questions were lame and stupid. I even made up my own gossip book but I was never so popular so the only people who answered my gossip book was me, an imaginary friend and my cat.

Those were the days...

Anyway, on with the Meme:

three names I go by:
1. Yoli
2. Yolis
3. Yolita

three screen names you've had:
1. Rubberducky
2. Ekoloka
3. Rubberbond

three physical things you like about yourself:
1. My face
2. My hair
3. My hands

three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. My teeth
2. My weight
3. My legs

three parts of your heritage:
1. Spanish
2. Arabic
3. French

three things that scare you:
1. Heights ( hates it …hates it alot)
2. Dust mites (gaahh!)
3. Dieing alone and people finding out a week later because of the pudrid smell of my rotten body full of maggots.

three of your everyday essentials:
1. Shower
2. Make up
3. Hair styling products

three things you are wearing right now:
1. Black pants with very thin white stripes
2. Black sleeveless turtle neck
3. Black undies and bra

three of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):
1. Enya
2. Enigma
3. Missy Elliot

three of your favorite songs (at the moment):
1. Only Time - Enya
2. Return to Innocence - Enigma
3. Pass that Dutch – Missy Elliot

three things you want in a relationship:
1. Trust
2. Commitment
3. Love

two truths and a lie (in no particular order):
1. I’ve been in a threesome
2. My brother and my sister are married together
3. I killed a dog once

three physical things about the [non-]opposite sex that appeal to you:
1. Pretty Face
2. Gorgeous hair
3. And a well shaped body and I mean well

three of your favorite hobbies:
1. reading
2. blogging
3. watch documentaries

three things you want to do really badly right now:
1. Eat, I’m so hungry!!
2. Go home and do my laundry
3. See the BF

three careers you're considering:
1. Psychiatry
2. Neurology
3. Psychology

three places you want to go on vacation:
1. Beeaaachhhhh I need warm beeaccch!!
2. Anywhere in the Mountains
3. Canada

three kids' names you like:
1. Don’t like kids in the first place
2. So the only names I can think of are
3. Bugger, creatures from hell, leeches…etc.

three things you want to do before you die:
1. Live my life in the best and harmonious way possible
2. Leave at least a small drop of wisdom
3. Get things ready for when the time comes people won’t find me a week later all maggotty and stinky.

Who will I pass this to? Well anybody who wants to, I'm not picky, plus the 2 readers that follow me already did it and I don't want to be rude.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Morning Thoughts!


1. Why if we had enough rain last year to give away for free the water keeps running out over the weekends and I have to smell like a skunk? Although I have a huge water supply system underneath my house but is getting rot because the pump doesn't work. WTF!

2. When I turn on the pump to at least flush the toilets when the water runs out, the gage from the water company goes counter clockwise, this is a bad thing because the water from my pump goes back to the water company and good because it means my flush is making my water bill go down...Guess I'll have to flush the toilet more often huh?

3. How it comes when I drink a glass of wine it's like I'm taking a whole bottle of valium? I am definitely taking a glass before I got o sleep...I suffer from insomnia.

4. Why women have to suck at driving? I know I suck at driving but at least I don't suck as much as those moms with mini vans or high chassis. WTF lady! If you have a huge high chassis it means you can go through the bump not drive around it! And don't stop at a hill to cross a bump, you have a friggin truck for Pete's sake!, give it to me and you can have my 1993 oldmobile, you can drive it like your high chassis if you like.

5. it's Monday, I didn't clean my house, didn't do my laundry and here I am at work... blogging.

Why work isn't more productive?? Can I bring my washer machine?

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Quickie!

You Are A: Pony!

ponyWho doesn't love a pony? You are one of these miniature horses, renown for your beauty and desired by many. Full of grace, you are a beautiful and very special animal, full of strength and majesty.

You were almost a: Turtle or a Groundhog
You are least like a: Duck or a MonkeyThe Cute Animals Quiz

A Pony??!!!! WTF!!!

thought I was going to be a porky pine or something; this quiz sucks!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yoli's Car is Fixed!

This is how the chaos was on Tuesday night....

Car overheats, water is leaking from somewhere...Yoli freaks out and calls BF at Yoli's home.

BF: Hello?

Me: Hi baby, can you come and pick me up? My car overheat.

BF: What? What do you mean?

Me: ... Do you know what overheat is?

BF: Overheat, the car needs water

Me: Not exactly but can you come and pick me up? I'll be at the company

BF: Put water on the car and let it cool off.

Me: Nope, can't do that, the water is leaking from somewhere and a guy from my company says is the water pump, please come and pick me up!!!!

BF: (sigh) Ok, but are you sure is the water pump? Maybe is the fan that's not working.

Me: Yeah, that too, the fan is not working, now can you come and pick me up? Pleeasseeeee??!!!!

BF: (sigh) Ok, I'll be right over.

45 minutes later... and my butt is freezing outside the company, BF comes with dad on the side, yup dad joined the party too. BF decides he wants to take the car to the house so my dad can take it to the mechanic but sees the water pump is spitting out the water back to the floor, so BF decides the car stays in the company and we all head back home. It was 7:20 by then.

A couple of blocks down....

Dad: I need to go to the bathroom

Me: Dad!! Why didn't you tell me before!? I could have asked the guards to open the office area for you...agh! Do you really have to go?

Dad: Well, is not like I am going to blow up, I can hold it till we get home.

Me: Ok, there's a gasoline station right at the U turn, just hang on.

Dad: (Turning red) Ok!

We're supposed to drive into a U turn but I see BF not turning...

Me: The U turn is right over....dammit you missed it!

BF: It's been too long since I came here I don't remember

Me: could have asked!!...Dad are you ok?

Dad: (turning blue)'m ok (grins)

Me: Baby, my dad needs to go to the bathroom and the gas station was way in the back, now we have to go all the way down and we are going to get stuck in traffic...I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!

BF: Just enjoy the scene...look at the pretty cars (grins)

Me: Dad, there's another gasoline station at the bottom before we head the other U turn, you think you can hold it?

Dad: (turning yellow) not like I'm going to blow up or something....hmmm...I can hold....hhhmmmmjjjj.

10 minutes later and we're still stuck in traffic.

Me: Dad? We're almost there ok?

Dad: (completely pale) Hmmjjjj....ok!

Me: Baby, did you check the gas tank in your car before you picked me up? You're empty!!!...Oh my god we are so not going to make it!!!!

BF: Relaaaax, if the car turns off I'll just walk and get more gas, look the gasoline station is right infront of us.

Me: Infront of us? You still need to cross the intersection and there's no pedestrian crossing here, you have to walk almost a mile!!!. My dad needs to go to the bathroom!!!!

Dad: (almost fainting) No...hhmmm..problem....hhhmm...I'm holding it!

Finally we get to the gas station with the tank almost empty and my dad almost pooping his pants. BF fills the tank and dad goes to do his business.

A couple of minutes later and we are all happy and waiting in traffic for another 30 minutes. But at least my dad is not dieing and BF's car has enough gas to hold a 2 hour traffic.

So you see people, is not good to take your elderly parent somewhere far away from home because they just need to go at the time least expected.

Next time I am bringing him a portable potty.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

OH Now What?!


Why is it all the time things have to come to me in a cumulative way and not little by little? Yesterday was the “shit river” as some of you called it, and I thought it was hilarious, and now my car broke down because the water pump was leaking all the antifreeze and my car almost melt down.

Not to mention my hair is a huge mess today because we’re having Santa Ana winds and really, this could not get any worst…or is it? I hope I don’t find a flat tire or maybe something worst after the mechanics give me back my car and they should give it back to me no later than this afternoon. I am not taking the public transportation with this weather, with this hair and with all this static that’s flowing all over I have been electrocuted already 10 times this morning and I am expecting more electrocutions for the rest of the afternoon and all of this is BF’s fault….

I don’t know I just feel like blaming on to him!

I’m expecting to go to the gym today because I think I am gaining weight again and I don’t like it, I’ve been doing wonderfully well when BF and I got separated because I was going 5 times a week, now I am going 3 times a week at the most. This is unbearable, and for this, is BF’s fault too…

On to another news, I am getting me a digi cam maybe, and I am saying maybe because maybe by then I will loose all interest on buying a digi cam and instead I’ll decide to keep saving my money to buy me a house which I need to the most. I am not liking the tweety yellow color. Anyway and in the mean time, no pictures for you. You are all going to have to stick with the Ostrich at the top right corner, if you want to imagine me with red highlights well then put a damn wig on the ostrich and there you’ll have me with red highlights, which by the way they’re no longer red because I decided not to follow the rules of beauty in not buying a $15 dlls bottle of L’Oreal red shampoo, I’m too cheap for that and rather keep myself with my current 700 mil bottle of Pantene and I am keeping it until I finish the last drop of it, even if it means I’ll end up with pink highlights!

Hurray for Pink Highlights!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The World is Falling and I can’t Get Out!

Wished it was like this but not on a closing year…

I've been closing year for the past two weeks so I don’t get caught on a rush. Fortunately because I am super smart and super organized I was able to cool down when this morning at 7 am I was leaving home to get to work to continue my closing month and I see this huge line of traffic and is very slowly moving, after 45 minutes of being stuck in the same place a police officer tells us all to move to another exit which leads us to the Highway towards Ensenada so we could make a U turn and head back on our ways to work.

Everybody were using their cell phones except for me, I still had 2 minutes more and I thought maybe a miracle could happen and I was being saved by God all mighty and a bird would come and rescue me from the traffic; but the damn bird never showed and I was stuck for another 30 minutes for that U turn; finally we reach the end of the U turn and I was happy, it was already 8:10 am so I thought well I think I can make it on time to finish up the reports in 2 minutes and give it to the boss and maybe he won’t notice. Well I was wrong!

Suddenly we all see ahead 2 more police cars and people coming back the way they came from and I thought this could not be happening, not today, why today? They can’t send us back to our houses… this is insane! Well not so, the policemen were really sending us back where we came from, that meant another hour of traffic on the way back. What happened? We didn’t know, we were all being pushed back to our homes because “something” happened on the road, I came back home clueless at 9 am. 2 hours of traffic and we didn’t move anywhere I ended up in the same place I started.

Once I got home I turned on the TV and the mystery was solved, a huge sewage pipe broke and all the dirty water moist the soil on the mountains and a huge chunk of a mountain collapsed over the roads, so actually there was no way in or out of town, we were trapped, well, not so but we were, unless we had to pay $2.5 dlls to cross the highway to Ensenada and back to TJ. I don’t think so!

I had to call my boss and explain the situation and he laughed…he laughed. I didn’t think it was funny, I spent 2 hours of gas for nothing and I was not going to spend another hour of gas trying to get to work. Oh hell no! So I waited until the city trucks removed all the dirty crap that was blocking the roads.

In the mean time I went to my parents home to kill the time and we had a good brunch, oh what a brunch it was, it was good, so good it made me sleepy so I fell asleep, I told my mom to wake me up at 1 pm so I could get ready to work and she didn’t, I know why she didn’t, she didn’t want me to go anywhere and stay with them. So I was late; now I had to rush over to my work so I could be there on time and make worth the time I was going to stay there “working” and finishing up the things I needed to finish so they could not accumulate for the next morning.

I got to my work at 2 pm to find some bitter news, HR beyotch had gone to my boss and tell him I got off early last Tuesday and said I didn’t tell anybody I was leaving early, of course I did, I told the director of the company I was leaving early. Damn snake! She will have to cry because I am here only for 3 hours more and I am out of here…tee hee.

I am so sure she is going to make me fill out a permission form for the 7 hours I was out of here because of the traffic stuff.

Oh I know, why don’t I gather a little bit of that muddy crap that built in the morning and splat it on her new car…oh that would be nice.

I’ll dream about it while I’m sleeping tonight…ha!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!