Friday, September 09, 2005

Viva Los Fridays!

And I won't say quickie 'cause I'm horny dammit!...

Now that I closed month on my department I'm waiting for the financial side to finish up their crap. That's what I mean when I am saying the closing month takes about a month to close...Pfft! Never heard of that before in my life until I came to work for Nutter Industries.

Man are they slow I tell you!

Nothing important has made me post but like I said to my dad I have a journal and I must keep on updating it, otherwise it won't be a journal but a boring notebook.

Why in hell if we have an online journal we must share it other people, worst when the're people we know? Then if you want to rant about a specific someone you are not allowed because you know that specific someone is reading your blog; talking about self restriction.

So just for that I will now hit myself on the head till I faint for making such huge mistake, fortunately nobody knows exactly where I work, well, only the people I know that read my blog dammit so I can no longer give names, and even if I give names the people who know me know who I am talking about.


See what I'm talking about?


On with another subject:

Katrina, oh who can NOT stop talking about it? I heard on the news on Sunday President Fox was going to send a ship with food, water and a rescue team (pff right, he is sending, more like there were volunteers willing to go and help but he's not sending anybody) to help out the victims from the Hurracane.

Now I am such a squeptic person I really thought US Customs was going to stop that ship from crossing the border and send them right back, just like Thailand did when the Tsunami hit them; but what a surprise I heard when yesterday the ship arrived to Texas and customs never stopped them. Wow, isn't that nice?

Now what concerns me is that Cuba is offering to send 1500 medical specialists to help out but no word from Bush on accepting that help...Yikes!

Personally I don't think Bush will accept. That's bad

In other news:

Old fart is going down, oh yes, big problems arose this week which involves miss communication problems between management and production team and now everything is a huge confussion between everything and nobody knows crap about anything.

I'm confused here.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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