Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday Pop!


Well the huge ass humongous pimple in my wee wee feels a lot better than yesterday, so better I could go to spinning class without any crying out loud; though I did cry out loud when I tried to pop the little crap and couldn’t bear the pain last night. Oh the pain!!!!


So it ended out soar, fortunately I have a kick ass ointment that dissolves those little creeps of nature, fortunately and I hope it will automatically pop itself.

OK enough of that; although Jamie wanted to know more details about my huge ass pimple in my wee wee, here it is…it huge I tell you huuuugeeeee; and I won’t say anything more about it because it is really disgusting crap.

Change subject to a non-pimple one:

I’ve notice this girl at my spinning class, she really does look creepy though, her skin is extremely white, she has black hair, I mean black black hair, and aqua color eyes. Creeee-py! But let’s put the creepy part aside because what really makes me wonder about this girl is she doesn’t really take the spinning class, oh no, I have discovered she goes to spinning class for the full body mirrors that cover the room, oh yes; I’ve seen the woman pulling her spinning bike where she is able to see her body in full details as we bounce up and down, spin and spin ( I think this sounds pornographic). WTF!? She doesn’t follow the class because she completely forgets about the instructor. I mean, is not like I don’t follow the instructor either but what can I do? She woman sits infront of me I can’t help it looking at my instructor and look at the woman looking at her self in the mirror.

I think she gets hot by looking at herself or something; I’ve never seen something quite like that before in my life.

And the woman is creepy I tell you, creepy! I don’t know how she can walk around turning her head to what ever a reflection of her body might appear and not fall on a hole or bump into someone. She’s a dangerous woman! Can you imagine her driving? She would not use the rear view or the side view mirrors to see cars, oh no, I am so sure she uses those to look at herself all the time. DMV should revoke her driver’s license. Well that is if she has a car.

Believe it or not, that had me thinking mostly part of last night before I went to sleep, thinking this girl doesn’t do anything else than to look at herself in reflections or mirrors. I am wondering, does she have a mirror in the ceiling above her bed so she can see herself falling asleep?

Just a thought, a kinky thought…but just to make things clear, I’m straight and I love men, I like manly men, I looove hairy looking manly sweaty men!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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