Monday, September 12, 2005

Quarenteen's Over!

Woo Hoo...

Well, not so woo hoo, BF still has some treatment left and I have an appt with lady doc on thursday for a check up.

Dammit it's been so long I can hardly remember what sex is like. Bummer!

In other news,
We're having a 4 day week this week because of our Independen day Holiday; where am I going you ask? No freaking where, that's where I am going; why you ask? Good question, it's not me the one who can't go, oh no, it's BF who doesn't want to go anywhere, now, I can go where ever I want but the only bad thing is that I have nobody to come and tag along with me while I am letting the great oportunities of great deals to the beaches of the south pass by under my nose while everybody I know is going everywhere.

Oh Crap!

It's going to be another long weekend at home.

So instead of boring myself to death I decided home browsing over the weekend; what did I find? Well actually I found pretty good houses way out of my budget, I can only afford an old motor home without wheels and toilet for 3000 bucks. I think I'll have to wait until I can find a better deal than that.

In the mean time I'll keep drooling at houses I can't afford. I mean compared to houses in the US the houses in my country are quite a bargain, so much BF went so enthusiastic about buying a ground and two or 3 houses instead of buying a small condo in San Diego. I agree with the man, but too bad he's not a citizen, oh well, either he can marry a mexican girl or just buy it through some other way. His loss not mine...sucker!

I'm so happy I'll be completely by myself next week with nobody to bug me with their stupid 80's music, yes I am talking about the Production Supervisor, I think he got stuck in the 80's. He needs to grow up! Anyhoo, I'll be completely alone in my department except for Old Fart, everybody else is going to Carry, NC for a training.

I am soooooo coming in jammies to work!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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