Friday, September 23, 2005

The One Long and Grumpy Friday Quickie!

Who wants a piece of me??!!!...

Damn HR Beyotch, she's been pulling my patience too much lately as Drama Queen is not here to be poked on, the woman is so bored now she's trying to test me. Oh hell she's not going to make me fall for it!

HR Beyotch always reminds me to give the timing cards to her, every single tuesday at 8 am I hear her annoying telephone ring to me to remind me. I don't remember telling her to remind me crap! But still she does, she thinks if she doesn't remind me to give it her I might loose it somewhere..... Please! So to avoid getting angry I ignore the 8 am phone call.

So Last week she forwarded everybody a piece of paper with a survey about how the summer picnic was and also how the quality of the food in the cafeteria is for us. Now I don't eat cafeteria food, cafeteria food sucks so I rather bring my lunch, and also I just stayed 30 minutes in the summer picnic so I didn't have the chance to savour the quality of the party. With this on notice I gave a reply to my survey like this:

Cafeteria food survey:

Q: Do you eat cafeteria food?
A: No

Q: How do you consider the food in the cafeteria?
a) good tasting b) regular c) bad quality
A: c

Summer Picnic Survey:

Q: How do you consider the summer picnic was?
a) Excelent b) Regular c) Not enough time to enjoy d) bad
A: N/A

Now does this mean I have something against HR Beyotch? I don't think so, but she went to complain to my boss about how I answered the surveys (aren't surveys suppose to be optional and anonimous?) because she thinks it's a boicot against her and when I don't give her the timing cards at 8 am as she always demands is because I have personal issues over her.

Excuse me!? She went to complain to my boss about what?!

She didn't know when she went to my boss to complain about me that I don't answer phone calls to anybody at 8 am because I am so busy running reports for the 9 am management meetings every single day so I just don't exist for anybody, only for the few other people that have to do with the reports then I will answer the phone, otherwise I won't answer, but who doesn't do the same? And boss knows I am invisible between 8-9 am; it's for his own good.

Anyhoo, I am sooo glad boss didn't call me to tell me about he rant HR beyotch did about me which means he ignored her the same, just like I always do.

Now, that is definitely a bad point for my 2006 evaluation, I just know it, damn HR beyotch.

I know she doens't want a piece of me, oh no she doesn't!

Happy Grumpy Friday Everyone!

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