Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nutter Hick!

It is all about the booze...

I just came out of a 2 minute employee meeting Nutter Industries careful scheduled for us 2 minutes before the meeting:

“It’s all about you (HR beyotch said to us), you the employee who make this happen, and to thank you for being such great employees we’re going to offer you a great bbq at our expense next Thursday at 3”.

Oh great! More food and drinks to drop to the floor and no more productivity bonuses because the company is over budget. WTF!

Is that all you have to say Nutter Industries? How about if you tell us when are we going to have our next product transfer so we get ready for the new people to come and maybe more job opportunities for us huh? Or, how about if you tell us what the plans for the new fiscal year are? Oh no that would be committing sin and we would never be forgiven by the all mighty VP Midget.

Screw that! I’m going home, who wants to socialize with a bunch of losers anyway.

Changing subjects radically now;

I am this close to break up with BF now, and I need a really good excuse to not dump his ass to the next available sewage spillage.

I am soooo green right now.


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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